During the "Drift Problem" episode of season 3, Archer recieves a 1970 Dodge Challenger 440 6-pack as a birthday present from his mother (Malory). This muscle car has been heavily modified by Krieger with anti-pursuit counter-measures including rear oil slick release, rear caltrop release, bullet-proof body panels and windows, a grappling hook in the front, and a mini-bar in the glove box. When Archer sits inside he is greeted by a video on the features of the car hosted by a gorgeous woman, Archer then opted to call the car Genie. He later realized, after having a conversation with it, the woman didn't actually live in the car, she was just a lame pre-recorded video. Archer yells out "Thanks Dodge!" as the promotional video is playing. 

'70 Challenger

The first generation Challenger pony car (1970-1974) was built on a Chrysler E platform sharing major components with the Plymouth Barracuda, it was designed by Carl Cameron in 1968, it came with a 3 or 4-speed manual or a 3-speed automatic and had a wide 110 inch wheelbase, 2 inches longer than the Barracuda.  This particular model was a 1970 with a huge 440 cubic inch 7.2L 390bhp engine. Despite carburetors and color it is the same car that was featured in the movie Vanquishing Point from 1971.

Sterling ultimately loses the car and it is revealed that Malory had it stolen back to teach Sterling a lesson because he "left it unlocked in an unattended parking garage." By the time Sterling discovers this, Malory had sold the Challenger to Popeye, presumably to add further insult to Sterling.


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