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934TXS is a frequent passcode to access high security objects and items in the Archer Universe. Just like the password Guest at ISIS headquarters, it is not uncommon for ISIS agents to descramble a passcode to discover it is actually 934TXS.


  • In "Smuggler's Blues " it is written on the wing of the plane that Archer, Ray, and Cyril use to smuggle cocaine into Colombia.
  • In "Southbound and Down " it is the license plate number of the Brazos County Sherriff's car AND Archer's Smokey and the Bandit inspired Trans Am blocker car.
  • In "The Rock," it is the passcode to access the San Marino diamond.
  • In "Skytanic," it was the serial number of the bomb detonator, followed by a dash, B "as in butthole", and M "as in mancy." The detonator was a GK 31 or 32 and was manufactured in East Germany. The rest of the bomb looked as if it was civilian manufactured by Captain Lammers.
  • In "Dial M for Mother," on the screen listed as the model number for the mind control microchip as well as the vial that contained the actual chip.
  • In "A Going Concern," it was the model number seen on the mind control microchip.
  • In "Tragical History" when a code cloner was being used to break into the battery vault for the mainframe, it was shown with the first few digits, likely changing or bruteforcing the code.
  • In "The Limited", 934TXS is the number of the train.
  • In "Double Trouble", 934TXS is used twice during the Bionic Barry montage
  • In "Job Offer", 934TXS is in the footer of the burn notice
  • In "The Wind Cries Mary", 934TXS is printed on the side of the staircar in the file photo of Troy's treasonous massacre. Additionally, it is Lana's license plate number on her Aston Martin.
  • In "Live and Let Dine", Rodney uses the 934TX Telephonic Isolator Unit to find out 16's exclusive phone number for reservations.
  • In "Coyote Lovely", it's the license plate number of the border patrol truck.
  • In "The Papal Chase", The imposter Swiss Guard's vehicle plate number is 934TXS.
  • In "The Holdout", it is Pam's 'RS#' when her eye is scanned.
  • In "Three to Tango", it's the license plate number of Slater's car.
  • In "Sitting", it is the command string Archer is made enter into a terminal of the mainframe. Only his keypresses are visible. It's also on a Post It behind on a filing box in the background.


  • This code was also frequently used in Sealab 2021, another Adam Reed show.
  • There is frequent debate among fans about the hidden meaning of this code (or if it even has one). One theory is that there is no meaning, but all those codes are the same so the developers don't have to spend time making separate code cloner images, and can just reuse the same animation object.

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