Sir Aldous Wensleydale
The article about Wensleydale's death
First appearance The Double Deuce
Aliases Wens
Nationality English
Skills Biplane Pilot
Personal Life

Sir Aldous Wensleydale, served in World War I and was in the same squadron as Woodhouse. The newspaper report implied that foul play was suspected. Lieutenant Stripes set the record straight when he informed Woodhouse and Stinky that he actually died in his sleep at the pensioners' home. He is sometimes referred to as "Wens."

Newspaper ArticleEdit

The newspaper clipping that Woodhouse saved said the following:

Sir Aldous Wensleydale died in his sleep last Wednesday evening at the pensioners’ home. Police refused to comment which leads this reporter to think foul play is suspected. Sir Wensleydale’s death marks the third this month for the pensioners’ home. Some attribute this to old age, but . . .

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