"Doctor" Algernop Krieger
Algernop Krieger
First appearance "Mole Hunt"
Voiced by Lucky Yates
Age 45
Height 6'1" (1.85 m)
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Languages German (native)
Portuguese (fluent)
English (fluent)
Nationality Brazilian/American (German ancestors)

Head of ISIS applied research department (former)

Drug Dealer (unconfirmed role) (former)

Private contractor for the C.I.A. (unconfirmed role) (former)

Unconfirmed role at The Figgis Agency. (current)
Skills Body dismemberment, clinical surgery, robotics, bionics, cloning, computer programming, various genetic engineering, modding of firearms, reparation and construction of aerospace vehicles and submarines.
Personal Life

Adolf Hitler (possible genetic source)
Unnamed Father

Three known identical clones (deceased, although one may have been the original Krieger, with the surviving clone assuming his identity and life)

4 known self-clones (all deceased and preserved)
Relationships Cheryl Tunt (ex-lover)
Krieger's Virtual Girlfriend (girlfriend)
"Jesus, Krieger. You're still taping bum fights?"
"No. Now I'm into something... darker."
Sterling Archer and Dr. Algernop Krieger[src]

Doctor Algernop Krieger[1][2] is a main character, and was the head of the ISIS Applied Research Department up until the end of Season 4, as a result of its dissolution. He goes by the title of Doctor and performs many activities that require a medical degree; however, he is neither a medical doctor nor "the other kind" ("technically").

He is trilingual as he speaks fluent English, German, and Portuguese.[3] However, he appears to have little or no exposure to modern street vernacular; for example, he misunderstands the phrase "tight" to mean "confining," rather than "very satisfactory," as intended by the speaker.[4]


Krieger was raised by a former Nazi scientist who fled with him to Brazil, where they lived until Krieger was 15, when his pet Dobermans killed the man he believed to be his father - this in reference to the book "The Boys From Brazil". It is implied that Malory Archer somehow set these events in motion as he remembers her arranging for him to be brought to ISIS afterwards. Krieger studied and became accomplished in a variety of different sciences including bionics, electronics, neuroscience, chemistry, biotechnology, surgery, and robotics, but, despite this, never earned a formal doctorate degree of any kind which is sometimes evident in his conversations where people ask if he is a doctor.

In New York, Krieger lived in a run-down, "transitional" neighborhood which allowed him to focus his salary for "pet projects." His apartment is only shown once and is full of strange and disturbing items, such as a skin-colored wet suit and jars of human remains. Krieger now resides in Los Angeles and works at The Figgis Detective Agency.

He was in a relationship with Cheryl Tunt, which he sustained by giving her doses of LSD via his "magic breath strips." His current love interest is his Virtual Girlfriend whom, Archer has been quoted as saying, "is so real that the state of New York is allowing him to legally marry her."[5] Unfortunately, their marriage was forced to be called off indefinitely (she was destroyed by Lana in the next shot, although later reprogrammed).

In season 5, Krieger encounters three cloned versions of himself and finds out they have created a nerve gas missile. In the next episode, a fight breaks out and one of the clones is hit in the head with a fire extinguisher and falls off the launch escape system. The next clone is shot to death and finally, both Krieger and a clone fall off the platform.

Malory has also implied that Krieger is a clone of Adolf Hitler, although Krieger has pointed out that if he was actually a clone of Hitler he would look like Hitler.

Sexual TastesEdit

Krieger's sexual proclivities are more libertine than most people's. He's created a Virtual Girlfriend with whom he (somehow) seems to have an active, satisfying relationship. He has numerous sexual fetishes and is expert in many of them: he's well-versed in kinky, German porn, he likes collecting vibrators[6], and he was revealed to be the notorious food rapist, AKA the "Pita Predator."[7] He also might have had a sexual relationship with his pig "Pigley Three" as after holding a Geiger counter up to Pigley Three and it going off, he aims it at his crotch and says "that would explain ... a few other things"[8]. He has a firm opinion in favor of using corn starch as an aid to putting on "gimp suits"[9]. He frequently gets erections at seemingly inappropriate times, such as with his bum fights[10], while carving up dead bodies[6], when contemplating cyborg fights[11], or when he is just happy.[12] His recurring erections are a running joke in the series. His erections are obvious to the other characters or pointed out himself when they go unnoticed. Unfortunately, he also sometimes has difficulty achieving erections under more normal circumstances.[11]


In addition to his scientific research, Krieger has a variety of more harmless recreational interests. He is a certified diver and has a flesh-tone neoprene or human skin diving suit in his apartment.[12] He is an avid fan of rock music, and apparently is a fairly accomplished drummer, although he is unable to play Rush's "YYZ", which he claimed to be "impossible [as] Neil Peart stands alone."[12]. He claims that John Bonham, drummer of Led Zeppelin, was a pussy. He is also a fan of Creedence Clearwater Revival shown when Cheryl returns his CCR album collection after their breakup.[13] He is frequently shown to own less than legal vans, many of which have been damaged or destroyed throughout the series. All his vans have references to Rush albums, both in their names and the murals painted on their side. He bowls and plays poker with his fellow coworkers, and enjoys making personalized firearm modifications. He also does a one-man comedy improv titled "The Science of Funny."

Science ExperimentsEdit

Krieger Clones

Krieger's Clones

Doctor Krieger has co form of body armor with an intern named Chet.[14]
  • Creating a sex-bot called "Fister Roboto", which is a fully intergrated multi-fetish artificial being. Krieger says the best part about the sex-bot is that it learns. [15]
  • Creating a Chokebot to choke Cheryl after she complains that his own hands were weak and childlike.[13]
  • Creating the Formula K compounds that he tested on Danny the Intern, which supposedly turns subjects gay.[16]
  • Creating Magic Breath Strips that were actually laced with LSD.[17]
  • Tricking Ray, Pam, and Cheryl into drinking Krieger Kleanse, a tea he said was to evade a drug test, but was actually a hallucinogenic experiment.[18]
  • Designing the world's most advanced Spy Car.[19]
  • Turning Archer's mostly dead fiancee, Katya Kazanova, into a sexually functional Cyborg.[12]
  • Attempting to channel and duplicate the pound-for-pound strength of an ant into himself.[20]
  • Building cyborg legs for Ray Gillette and a bionic arm for Conway Stern. Has bionic hands ready for Lana; all she has to do is: "Say the word." Till that time, they suffice as "jazz hands".[21]
  • Working on unspecified but (presumably) dangerous and unsuccessful projects involving Komodo Dragons.[22]
  • Instructing Barry Dylan on how to build a spacecraft capable of surviving re-entry into Earth's atmosphere.[11]
  • Experimenting with drug induced amnesia. Cyril, who calls him a "fake scientist" is then revealed to have forgotten his parent's names because Krieger drugged him, but he couldn't remember
  • Made an irradiated pig named Pigley III, who eats people.[8]
  • Made a mind control chip that is so tiny that it can be placed into the head with a syringe, but is later revealed as a tiny sticker from a Lego toy in season five. It is unclear whether this is true or not, because it was said by what is most likely not the Krieger that everyone knew throughout most of the show, but one of the other clones[23]
  • Made a "Narco Submarine" that would be undetectable by the coast guard, but is stuck in Cheryl's indoor swimming pool. [24]
  • Presumably responsible for the creature whose eyestalk emerges from the hot tub of the secret spa, as seen in The Archer Sanction.
  • Has created a (possibly) functional "pants shitting ray" device the k-9000 infrasonic pulse rifle that utilizes the "Brown Note" {s6E4}
  • In s6e4 Cyril Figgis through implication (13:32/21:09) reveals that at some point in time Dr Krieger was working on an "Ejaculation Ray" to what extent and outcome is unknown.
  • creating two half man half pigs named pigley and pigley II respectively
  • Created robot versions of each member of the "core group".
  • An advanced holographic AI which he was going to marry.

Quotes Edit

  • "Me Too!" - Various episodes
  • "Smoke bomb!" - Various episodes.
  • "Also yes..."
  • "Yep Yep Yep!"
  • "Camera 1, camera 2, camera 3, camera 4, camera 5" - Various episodes.
  • "Bathroom 1, bathroom 2, bathroom 3, bathroom 4, bathroom 5, you know just my faves."
  • "You people would be amazed at what you do when you think that you're alone!"
  • "And god knows he's a little GILF."
  • "Uhp uhp uhp... Stop! My penis can only get so erect."
  • "Wow, this might actually work."
  • "Umm, that actually shouldn't be doing that.."
  • "It's a proprietary blend."
  • "For the love of God! Seal the exits!"
  • "DANNY! Stop running Danny!!! We've gotta keep that heart rate down, buddy!"
  • "Sooo should I just start pumping in the nerve gas now?"
  • "It's YYZed, and no... Neil Peart stands alone."
  • "No, you maniac! You blew her up! Damn You! Goddamn you all to hell!"
  • "That'll do, Pigley... that'll do."
  • "Sure, go ahead--get in there, Pigley; god knows you've earned it."
  • "Are you addressing me? Because your authority is not recognized in Fort Kickass."
  • "HIS MINDBRAIN!.. Shut up, that's a real thing."
  • "Well, there goes the frying pan theory."
  • "Jazz hands!"
  • "Just don't make any sudden movements, bowel or otherwise..."
  • "And by the way, if I was a clone of Adolf goddamn Hitler, wouldn't I look like Adolf goddamn Hitler?"
  • "Is it murder if they were my own clones? Because I'm seriously asking."
  • "Bullshit...the CIA doesn't have that kind of technolo grrrt!"
  • "Aktion!" (Action) when commanding various cyberbeasts to kill. For example-the robot Dobermans in the "Dreamland" season obey this command


  • The real life model for Krieger is Ben Brieger.
  • Even though Krieger was shown in the first 3 episodes, he didn't have a voice until season 1 episode 4, Killing Utne.
  • He seems to be one of the few characters who genuinely likes Archer.  This may be because Archer generally treats him well.
  • He has $105,526 in his ISIS 401(k)[4]
  • According to ISIS employment records, his legal first name is "Doctor."[4]
  • He is neither a medical doctor (MD) nor an academic doctor (PhD).[17]
  • "Krieger" is German for "warrior."[3]
  • He is an expert in manipulating the controls for the ISIS building, such as the elevator and the furnace (although he admits he has no idea how to run the ISIS worldwide radar system). He is also very good at improvising devices from scavenged equipment.[10][11]
  • Pam has sarcastically called Krieger "Clone Wars," after she discovered that he was a possible genetic clone of Adolf Hitler.[3] This is a reference to how the Clone Troopers in the Star Wars series were created by using a genetic sample from Mandalorian bounty hunter, Jango Fett.
  • The door to Krieger's lab is apparently from the pocket battleship Graf Spee, as stated in Legs. Though resistant to handgun fire and protected by electronic locks, it is vulnerable to rocket launchers and C4. Further, his lab is directly connected to the HV/AC duct, into which he has positioned nerve gas canisters.
  • Krieger says he is not a "serial" killer, although he put emphasis on the word "serial," implying that he is a killer. He is an expert at disposing of bodies and is completely callous both about the deaths of his colleagues and the act of putting bodies in Dumpsters.[12][6][21]
  • Throughout the series, as another running joke, he often shouts "Me, too!" in odd circumstances, for instance in reference to making his own aforementioned breast milk,[14] when Pam tells Archer to give his mother a hug as a thank you for his Dodge Challenger Special Agent Edition birthday present, he says no, and then Lana states, "Oh, God! He's got an erection!" [19], when Archer tells Woodhouse he would sneak up on him in his sleep if he wanted to see his bare feet[14], when Trinette says Seamus has a full diaper[14] and when Ray says he "piss[es] and shit[s] in a plastic bag".[21] This joke had fallen into disuse as of season 4.
  • Krieger encounter three clones identical to himself in appearance, habits and personality in San Marcos. Following a fight that resulted in three of the four Kriegers dead, it is ambiguous as to whether or not the surviving Krieger is the original of the group or one of the three clones, the identity muddled by being aware of Cheryl's "microchip" yet seemingly "forgetting" his co-workers names, which he originally attributed to a concussion, which is alluded to after forgetting A.J. Whom he met AFTER the fight; although this might point to it being something more serious and permanent. This seems to be a reference to the film The Boys from Brazil, in which 94 genetically identical clones of Adolf Hitler were created by Joseph Mengele.
  • In Season 6, Episode 7 : Nellis, a pair of Aliens with mind reading powers address him by the name "Algernop", which would imply he is the true Algernop Krieger, and not one of his clones. Furthermore, after the fight, his first concern was to abort the missile launch (like the "true" Algernop Krieger wanted).
  • As a running joke Krieger reacts to something by screaming, "No, you maniac! You blew her up! Damn you! God damn you all to hell!" (Or some variation on the original line, such as, "They were goat feet. And you threw them out! Oh, damn you! God damn you all to hell!" in Pocket Listing.) This is an obvious reference to the final line from the 1968 film Planet of the Apes.
  • Krieger owns and operates a company called AlgerSoft which has a top secret website[25] which can be accessed by deciphering the various clues provided in Season 6 starting with episode 2 to obtain the username and password. Among the files available on the site include all of Krieger's research, some music and ringtones and surveillance videos inside of the Tunt Manor bathroom.
  • Although possible, he is most likely not a clone of Adolf Hitler because if he was, he would look like Hitler. For instance Hitler was 5'9" and had blue eyes, whereas Krieger is 6'1" and has green eyes. But clones don't have to look like the subject that the are cloned from. The first cloned pet was a cat named Carbon Copy, a brown tabby and white domestic shorthair but they were cloned from a calico domestic shorthair. So they looked different, resulting from epigenetic re-programming, which is common in fertilized embryos before implantation. So Krieger may be a clone of Hitler.
  • He's no longer allowed near Abbiejean due to the agents believing that he was going to turn her into a cyborg although he was just making a robotic teddy bear and needed her height measurement.
  • Krieger may be based on Eduardo Krieger an ethnic German, Brazilian born physician, physiologist, Co-President of the 2014 World Health Summit, and President of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences.
  • In the code for the Algersoft website there is a comment saying "MADE IN GEORGIA :p". This is a reference to the fact that the series was created in Atlanta, Georgia

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( Note: Lucky Yates, the voice of Dr. Krieger, was added to the main credited cast. The opening title sequence was modified to include his name. )

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