Krieger Kleanse

Krieger Kleanse

Krieger Kleanse is a tea featured in El Contador designed by Dr. Krieger that gives its users hallucinogenic effects. Krieger tells Ray, Cheryl, and Pam that it is a compound to evade ISIS drug-screening. However, he tricked them into taking it and observes the hallucinogenic effects of the 'Krieger Kleanse' on the three as an experiment.


The effects of the Krieger Kleanse are, as described, vivid "mind shredding" hallucinations, followed by a near-comatose state:

For some reason, possibly her body mass resulting in a lower dose, Pam did not go into the comatose phase. The drug had a stimulative effect on her instead, resulting in extreme manic behaviour and continued delusions, where, much like Danny's reaction to Formula K, she began running from Krieger uncontrollably. He tried to sedate her with multiple tranquilizer darts, to no effect.


  • Krieger charges Ray, Pam and Cheryl $100 per dose.
  • The profoundly unethical testing of psychoactive substances on unwitting patients by Krieger  is an allusion to the CIA's Project MK-Ultra.  This project is also alluded to in A Going Concern (s2e2) and is mentioned directly in Liquid Lunch (s7e8).