A running gag throughout the series is Archer 's tendency to create voicemail greetings that trick the caller into believing he has actually answered the call.

Season 1Edit

In Season 1, the following voicemail pranks are used:

"Dial M for Mother"Edit

  • "Hello? [Pause.] Ha! Voicemail. You know what to do. "
  • "[Groan.] Hello? [Pause.] Ha! Alternate voicemail. You know what to do, stupid."

Season 2Edit

In Season 2, the following voicemail pranks are used:

Season 3Edit

In Season 3, the following voicemail pranks are used:

"The Man From Jupiter"Edit

  • "Hello? [Pause] Ha! Voice mail. You know what to do."
  • "Hello? Hold on.... Hold on, hold on. Hang on. Don't hang up. [A flowerpot breaks, a cat meows, then metal clanging in backgound] Hello? Ha! Elaborate voice mail hoax. Leave it."

"Drift Problem"Edit

  • "Hello? Mother? Hi, listen, I can't really talk right now. Can I call you back? Or are you pouting for some... Oh crap, are you already at 21? Sorry! I'm running late. So go ahead and order me four martinis and ... [Pause] Boom! Birthday voicemail, Mother! Ha ha ha! Seriously, I bet I will be late. So go ahead and pull the trigger on those martinis."

"Bloody Ferlin"Edit

  • "You've reached Sterling Archer's voicemail. Please leave a message. [Beep] [Long pause] [Beep] [Computer voice: The voice mailbox of] Sterling Archer [Computer voice: is full. Good bye.] Idiot. Ha ha. Ha ha ha. Ha ha"

"Crossing Over"Edit

  • "[Pause] Why, what's up? [Long pause.] Ha ha ha! Leave it!"

Season 4Edit

In Season 4, the following voicemail pranks are used:

"The Wind Cries Mary"Edit

  • "Lana, listen. [Horn blares.] Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha. Leave it! [Computer voice: The voicemail box of <horn blaring> is full. Goodbye.]"

"Viscous Coupling"Edit

  • In this episode, Sterling does not have a voicemail setup. Instead, his phone just rings indefinitely. He does this because "it drives people crazy."

Season 5Edit

In Season 5, the following voice mail pranks are used:

"Smugglers' Blues"Edit

  • This episode uses a pre-recorded fight between Ray and Archer with added sound effects to make it seem like the two were involved in a car accident.

"The Rules of Extraction"Edit

  • "[Computer voice: The mailbox of] Ar-Ar-Archer Ar-Ar-Archer [Computer voice: is full. Leave it.]" (Accompanied by coloured lights flashing and techno music blaring at The Tunt Mansion)