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Pictures and Screenshots Edit

I've been noticing a great number of images being added. These have been primarily going to the character pages, but also some of the vehicle and other pages. These pages can get quite long when more and more images keep getting added to the galleries, so I'm thinking of linking these galleries to other pages. I've added these "image gallery" links to all of the episode pages.

Also, don't worry about the achievements anyone might have received for adding the existing images - you still keep those points.

Mianla (talk|contribs) 00:50, April 21, 2011 (UTC)

modified ludovico Edit

whoever remembered to include that is a genius

Folding Trivia into the main set of sectionsEdit

I have been thinking about this a long time. First I wasn't sure where to post this so hopefully this is the right place. I wanted to announce my intentions and it's covering multiple articles so... You may have noticed I have been doing a lot of adding to trivia sections. I'm not sure trivia is the right word but "references" has a different meaning so trivia is a fine section title. One of the things that people like about Archer, and other projects Adam Reed has worked on, is the obscure references. Reed has said he has deliberately tried to make them hard to find because he knows people like figuring them out and it is a lot easier to do that with the internet. So to me, the real purpose of the trivia sections is to explain these kinds of references.

That said, we have trivia sections for characters, and those are getting longer, which I have been doing a lot of that. But there is a method to my madness. What I have been trying to do is find notable facts about characters, reference them, and put them in the trivia section at first so they are there. A lot of this work was actually lost (well my end anyway) because of crashes in Firefox and me getting too ambitious with how much to do in one edit. In any case my idea was that the next step after cleaning up, linking, referencing, and rewording those "trivia" entries is to take a lot of them (especially on Archer's article) and figure out how to work them into the main sections. That takes a bit more work in terms of writing, but once you've done the legwork in terms of finding and linking references it is really just a matter of finding the right words.

Once I start going through that obviously the article will change, but the layout will be the same, the info teh same, it will just get moved up and integrated. I have kind of been on a few passes through articles redoing links since TaintMaggot explained to me how the interwiki links worked (I had somehow not figured it out) and changing parenthetical references to ref tags. That's some of the stuff that was lost but a lot of it did stick. Obviously this is a collaborative effort which is why I am posting t his. Anyone who has suggestions or wants to help in this should obviously do so and I am sure we would all appreciate it. The goal, I think, is to make this wiki a place people can go to to get explanations and learn about the characters, episodes, and connections, Thanks all for your help - you guys made this a great wiki long before I came here and I am hoping to make a positive contribution myself as well. Rifter0x0000 (talk) 14:43, March 15, 2013 (UTC)

Italian mistakes Edit

Hi, sorry if I'm making a mess, first time using a wikia here. I'm Italian and have noticed some funny errors in Archer when the characters try to speak Italian, mostly based on literal translations of ways of saying. So I'd like to volunteer and write down such errors, providing some context on what is wrong and how it sounds from a scrict Italian perspective. I know it's not much but I figured you'd be interested since it's still something that the wikia doesn't have. I'm not familiar with all this and afraid I don't have much time to give, so if it's ok with you (and if it isn't against the rules ofc) I'll leave you an email adress

Avery.mann.5 (talk) 07:18, January 29, 2014 (UTC)Gio

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