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Barry Dylan
First appearance "Job Offer"
Voiced by Dave Willis
Height 6'2"
Weight 183 lbs (pre-cyborg)
Eyes Hazel
Hair Blond
Aliases Darth Barry
Languages English (native)
Russian (fluent)
Occupation Former ODIN agent
Rogue spy
Former Head of KGB
Personal Life
Relationships Framboise (ex-fiancée; allegedly)
Katya Kazanova (ex-lover)
Tammy Joe Stamps (mother)
"So, ehm, comrade bionic Barry, can you solve my Kazanova problem?"
"Yeah, probably, if I knew and/or cared who and/or what that was. But since I don't and/or do not, I'm going to kill and/or murder Sterling Archer."
"What?! Нет![1] Archer may be my son!"
"Well, too bad, because you've sown the wind and now you shall reap... the Barry."
Nikolai Jakov and Barry Dylan[src]

Bartholomew Aloysius Dylan, better known as Barry Dylan or Other Barry, is a former ODIN agent who was turned into a cyborg by the KGB, eventually becoming the head of the KGB. However, after he was trapped in space on the ISS Horizon, his position was usurped by Katya Kazanova. After having his skin burned off during a fight in a grain elevator, he approached the Figgis Agency to find his birth mother. His voice is provided by Dave Willis.


Barry sometimes talks to himself and calls himself "Other Barry." Occasionally he refers to himself in the third person. In addition to conversing with himself, he has also been known to speak to, but not with, his gun.[2]

Following his late season 2 conversion to a cyborg[3], Barry seems to have developed a more focused obsession on getting revenge on Archer for twice dropping him off rooftops and once stealing his girlfriend, whom Archer later described as "the Pelé of anal [4]." Barry, though he appears to be a good guy, is considered an annoyance at times. Additionally, he has a darker side. After a fight with his alleged fiancé, Framboise, he told Lana he was planning to blow up her car (most likely with her in it).

Barry appeared to genuinely care for Katya Kazanova, Archer's onetime fiancée, who was resurrected as a cyborg by Dr. Krieger[5]. However his inability to let go of his grudge against Archer caused problems in their relationship early on. After she took over the KGB, Barry found himself playing a subservient role to her, and was clearly driven further into his psychotic hatred of Archer when Katya eventually dumped him.

Background Edit

Barry other barry

Barry and Other Barry have a bit of a violent streak

While on a mission in Berlin, during which Archer burst into a room to kill two double-agents, Barry ruined Archer's suit. As he clung to a cord to keep from falling off the balcony, Barry apologized to Archer, but the latter decided not to help him. Barry eventually fell on a car and broke his left leg which was fixed by two steel rods and 16 titanium screws.

On a mission to Russia to save Sterling Archer from the KGB at Malory's behest, Barry was dropped from a fire escape by Sterling and had to have his right leg amputated. Then the KGB had him converted into a cyborg to eliminate Katya Kazanova, a defecting KGB agent. But Barry has his own agenda, namely revenge against Archer. After rudely interrupting Archer's impromptu wedding to Katya Kazanova, he almost strangled Archer to death. Katya selflessly sacrificed her life to save Archer's; Barry was pleased to see that her death caused Archer great emotional pain. He then returned to Moscow and took control of the KGB, later killing Nikolai Jakov to try to get revenge on Archer, as he knew Sterling was possibly Nikolai's son.

Upon Katya's "resurrection" (courtesy of Doctor Krieger), Barry again tried to kill Archer. Katya, being a fellow cyborg, defended Archer, but the fight ended in a way no one foresaw. Skin Game

Barry was stuck on the space station Horizon for several months and had no way back to Earth after Cyril destroyed his spacecraft in Space Race: Part II. Unknown to ISIS however, but revealed in Fugue and Riffs, Barry managed to completely take over Horizon and its crew. He has been using its terrestrial-monitoring capabilities to keep Archer under constant surveillance as well as relay his whereabouts to the KGB, who sent a squad of hitmen to kill Archer (who failed). He forced the station crew into slave labor forcing them to start building him a shuttle in which he can return to Earth.

Eventually, in "Viscous Coupling," Katya manipulated Archer into getting Krieger to help Barry build a new ship and return to Earth. Upon attempting to chastise Katya for her tone towards him, Barry discovered to his chagrin that she was now in charge of the KGB. Several weeks after his return, the pair worked with celebrity chef Lance Casteau to ruin US-Albanian relations and discredit ISIS.

For the better part of a year Katya and Barry are not seen bothering Archer or his associates, most likely due to ISIS being shut down. In "Edie's Wedding" it is revealed that during that time Katya finally dumped Barry and began a relationship with Boris, whom Barry considered the "dumbest man in all of Russia". Losing another woman drove Barry back into his psychotic grudge against Archer, leading him to follow him and Pam on a trip to Wisconsin to attend Edie Poovey's wedding. Barry proceeded to kidnap Pam, to draw Archer into another confrontation. However, thanks largely to Pam and Edie, Barry was shot with explosive ammo, buried under tons of feed, and then burned alive. Although his human appearance was destroyed, Barry's bionic body appears to remain somewhat functional, though the way he somewhat hysterically laughs right before the closing credit roll clearly suggests his mind may have at least become further unhinged, or has gone completely insane.


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  • Barry bears a striking resemblance to Robert Shaw as the Russian assassin Donald "Red" Grant in the 1963 James Bond film, From Russia with Love.
  • Dylan card

    Click to view larger.

    He is such a fan of his Desert Eagle Mark VII that in "A Going Concern" he is observed reading a magazine that focuses solely on this weapon.
  • Either due to continuity error, or the poor typing skills of the admin staff in the Archer Universe, Barry's last name is spelled either Dylan or Dylon. It is first presented on his business card as Dylan.
  • Cyborg Barry and the process he undergoes to turn him into a cyborg is a reference to The Six Million Dollar Man .
  • Barry's CPUs are powered by photovoltaics, meaning he is powered by solar energy.
  • Barry has twice called out "Aaar-cher... Come out and play-ee-ayyy!" to vocally taunt Archer into one-on-one combat. The taunt itself (including the rhythmic clinking of three beer bottles) is a direct imitation and homage to the taunt Luther uses towards Swan in the 1979 cult action film The Warriors. Episodes used: "Space Race: Part II" and "Edie's Wedding".
  • Barry's name, superhuman speed, red track suit, short blond hair, and sarcastic nature cause him to bear a superficial resemblance to DC Comic's Silver Age The Flash, Barry Allen.
  • Barry's real name, Bartholomew, is likely based on Bartholomew the Apostle, who was skinned alive at the time of his death. Both Barry and Bartholomew have no skin.


  • "Barry, does this make up for Framboise? It does, Other Barry. It sure does." - "Job Offer"
  • "It wasn't a conversation, Lana. I was just talking to my gun, not with it. Pretty big difference." - "A Going Concern"
    • Lana: Taking as in … to get this job, I have to have sex with you?
    • Barry: Hey, hey, hey. Those are your words.
    • Lana: So—
    • Barry: And also mine, yes. - "A Going Concern"
    • Barry: You ruined my life!
    • Archer: Oh that is bullshit!
    • Barry: Really?! Well how would you phrase the fact that you both crippled me physically and emotionally?
    • Archer: Not that, crybaby. This. The door's locked. - "White Nights"
  • "Well too bad. Because you've sown the wind and now you shall reap … the Barry." - Double Trouble
    • Archer: Dropped Barry! And how are you not dead?
    • Barry: Because the Russians turned me into the unholy abomination of metal fused with flesh which now stands before you. - "Double Trouble"
  • "YEAAHHH! One for three off the roof, bitch! Huh huh, Woo!" To Archer, after Katya suicidally yanked Barry from Archer's apartment balcony. - "Double Trouble"
  • Well I assume he's in New York with those shit-bitching-ass bastard Archers!" - "Crossing Over"
    • Nikolai: You son of bitch! You actually tink you'll get away wit this?!
    • Barry: Huh he he he he he he he he, obviously. Why else would I do it?!
    • Nikolai: Who knows with you? You're crazy.
    • Barry: AM I?!?! Huh he he he he. I mean, between Archer ruining my life, and you dicks turning me into a cyborg, I'm kind of amazed I'm even this sane. Which is, obviously, a relative term but—
    • Nikolai: Uhh what are you doing?
    • Barry: Rationalizing my behavior? - "Crossing Over"
  • "Later Tater." - "Crossing Over" and "Skin Game"

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