Battle of the ISS Horizon
Space Race Part II

War for Mars


"Space Race: Part I"
"Space Race: Part II"


Crew of Horizon defeated,
Barry Dylan trapped in space


Sterling Archer
Lana Kane
Cyril Figgis
Ray Gillette
Pam Poovey
Cheryl Tunt
Malory Archer

Tony Drake
Commander Kellogg

Barry Dylan


Malory Archer

Tony Drake

Barry Dylan


Lana Kane (injured on re-entry)
Cyril Figgis (injured on re-entry)
Ray Gillette (paralyzed)
Pam Poovey (injured on re-entry)
Cheryl Tunt (injured on re-entry)
Malory Archer (injured on re-entry)

Tony Drake (committed suicide)
Commander Kellogg (killed)

Barry Dylan (trapped on Horizon)

"You just single-handedly doomed mankind!"
Tony Drake[src]

The Battle of the ISS Horizon took place on the space station between the rogue crew aiming to take the ship to Mars, the rest of the crew who fought back as mutineers, and the agents of ISIS, as well as KGB cyborg Barry Dylan.





Battle of the ISS Horizon
ISIS Crew of ISS Horizon Barry Dylan
  • After causing the rocket back to Earth to crash, Sterling Archer was left the only ISIS agent not injured in any way upon re-entry.
  • Lana Kane suffered a broken leg.
  • Cyril Figgis suffered a broken arm.
  • Ray Gillette was left paralyzed.
  • Pam Poovey presumably suffered a broken collarbone.
  • Cheryl Tunt is seen wearing an eyepatch, though it may not have been related to the crash.
  • Malory Archer suffered a broken arm.
  • Barry Dylan was left trapped on Horizon for four months after his ship was destroyed.



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