Pam double fists two Bearclaws

A Bear Claw is a sweet pastry not unlike a doughnut but larger and irregularly shaped resembling a bears paw. Archer's friends grab one while waiting for him to show up at the hospital for his cancer surgery.


Pam is a huge fan of the bear claw, she can be seen with one in:

  • In "Stage Two," she is double fisting them at the hospital.
  • In "El Secuestro," she has a bear claw in one hand and a 40 oz beverage in the other on her walk to work with Cheryl.
  • In "White Nights," eating one while Malory chastises her for gossiping about her affair with Nikolai Jakov.
  • In "Skin Game," eating one during Bear Claw Monday

Behind the ScenesEdit

When Amber Nash first recorded the dialogue of Pam eating bear claws, the recording staff tricked her into eating a plate full of biscuits. She recorded many lines of dialogue and only 10-15 seconds were used. The video of its evolution is currently available on FX Video on Demand:

This behind the scenes feature was released many weeks prior to the actual episode airing. Since this clip has aired, the phrase "bear claw rrarhr" has been repeated many times. It appears in the show a few times, and in promotional materials for the show (such as Neal Holman's Twitter).

Fan ArtEdit

Digital artist, Supajoe, has created fan art of Pam double-fisting her bear claws. See below:

Pam and the bear claws by supajoe

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