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  • Sterling Malory Archer123

    It was a great episode and I loved when Barry kidnapped Pam and Edie and Archer went and save pam and destroy Barry.

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  • Sterling Malory Archer123
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  • Sterling Malory Archer123
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  • Bigbeat52


    January 18, 2015 by Bigbeat52

    I'm REALLY hoping that Ray gets more action in the show.  He's friggin' HILARIOUS! 

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  • Denysiayu

    Hey guys, 

    So I just put up the season 6 episode guide, and I'm half delirious on medication, because I'm sick, but if anyone is having any issues with how dark the purple is, please let me know, and I will change it to a lighter color. 


    P.S. I've made the season 6 page locked for only people who are registered users to edit. I saw that some random person decided to take the first episode's link off. Which is not cool people. 

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  • Spyguy43

    Luck? Or confidence!

    October 19, 2014 by Spyguy43

    Today, a friend and I were discussing the unerring luck of Sterling Malory Archer. My friend, we'll call him "Not Archer", argued that Archer had to have been born with a golden horseshoe tucked neatly up his...undies. I countered his point expressing the opinion that it wasn't possibly luck because it doesn't exist. Confident skill is what keeps this man alive. This brought about the argument that he was essentially a man child, a ten year old in a grown body with a rampant case of puberty. In this light my mental opponent postulated that Archer was too stupid to have skills like that and therefore was merely lucky. My final argument was that his manchild demeanor did not preclude the ability to be trained. Something his mother did, most …

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  • GarththeDestroyer


    September 20, 2014 by GarththeDestroyer

    Hello! I'm a newcomer to this particular wiki, and I can't seem to find any articles on Archer-related merchandise, if any (articles, that is.) If not, where would be an appropriate place on this wiki to put a merchandise category?

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  • The Demon In Me

    Archer Vice

    April 22, 2014 by The Demon In Me

    So with the latest season of archer finished, what are everyone else's thoughts. Overall I was disappointed, and I was really looking forward to this season, I felt that the Cartel setting as opposed to the Spy agency setting could have led to a lot of real interesting episodes, locales and plots that wouldn't have fit into the normal format of Archer. There was a lot of potential in this reboot, and it was disappointing to see it being squandered, But perhaps a return to form in the next season is exactly what the show needs. 

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  • TonyTiger76

    We're finally approaching the season 5 finale. Any predictions on how it will end?

    We know the title is "Arrivals/Departures." It's pretty easy to guess what "arrivals" part refers to: Lana's baby. But what about the "departures"? Is a main character going to die?

    From the montage preview (YouTube video) at the end of "White Elephant," we see most of the gang floating on a raft with the tiger. But Cherlene and Krieger are not with them. I sure hope neither of them die. Krieger especially is one of my favorite characters. (Later on the clip, we see a helicopter getting shot down by a missile. Maybe that is why they end up in the raft.)

    At about 2:35 of the above linked video, we see someone that kinda resembles Calderon pounding on a table say…

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  • Denysiayu

    Lana's Baby

    March 12, 2014 by Denysiayu

    So just curious, what do you think is the gender of Lana's baby? Will it be a boy, or a girl? 

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