• Jahn99

    Archer time setting

    December 4, 2018 by Jahn99

    I suspect that Archer begins somewhere in the 1990s. This theroy is based on the weapons used and shown in the show. Cellular phones are also an indicator of the timeline, one of wich is a slide type phone. The first such phone was released in 1999. But these are just assumptions. I personally place the show's timeline 1999 and 2005. But then theres the KGB, a Soviet entity, that is called FSB today, because of the 1991 regime change in Russia. The Tec-9 is an iconic 80s gun. The clothing worn by the caracters, especially Lana Kane, has been worn at many times in the 20th century. Suits like Archer's date far back to the 19th century. but Lana's long boots and tight wear looks more 80s than the clothes worn by the male caracters. 

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  • RussianOlympian101

    Season 10

    November 18, 2018 by RussianOlympian101

    What do you think is going to happen with Archer in season 10???

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  • HighComs

    Season 10: Speculations

    October 30, 2018 by HighComs

    I have a feeling Archer will wake from his "coma" to reveal that all the previous seasons were actually simulations while the crew of the spaceship were in hyper space. This would explain the mish-mash time frame and abundance of cultural references of the first 7 seasons as the mixed up memories of the crew. So, there is a possibility that when they wake up aboard the spaceship this will be "real life" circa 1970s. The reason I think this is that I think Reed has conflicting issues he is trying to accommodate. He is trying to: 

    1. satisfy the "waking up" faction;
    2. advance the story by re-animating Archer for potentially more seasons under different writers;
    3. get around the fact he tried to kill off Archer at the end of season 7 but the was offere…
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  • HighComs

    Hi gang,

    HighComs here, your friendly non-mod Archer fiend. I have decided to take a step back as I have contributed a lot over the last 6 months or so (look at my profile and or contributions to see what I mean!) As this wiki inevitably slows down in the off-season, I would like to make a few suggestions for passers by, or new people interested in giving the wiki a polish.

    • Hit the random page button until you see one which looks thin or under-appreciated.
      • Maybe it has some typos you can fix.
      • Maybe some links need redirecting, or
      • References need updating with more up-to-date sources.
    • Look at these finished pages and treat them as exemplars. See if there are any under-developed ones which could be brought up-to-date and to the same standard. You can start…
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  • MetalSonicRacerX11

    I was wondering if you like dream land? I mean I don't like it because it was better off without dream land and plus dream land has gone long off enough. 3 seasons of dream land 8,9, and now 10. Hofully he wakes up because the more he's asleep the more seconds, minsnuts, days, weeks, months, and years go bye when he's asleep. So I want dream land to end soon and plus I want to see what's been happening while archer is asleep too. Which is back tracking to the present. 

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  • HighComs

    Insights (3):  The Scientific Mind of Krieger ' Doctor Krieger's scientific experiments satirically mirror those of Nazi scientists who evaded death at the Nuremberg Doctors' Trial by escaping to South America or continuing to work for the US Army's biological and chemical research division (Chemical Corps), either in the US or Europe (such as Kurt Blome).  Free of a humane ethic, Krieger shares the same dubious moral character and agenda, pursuing only the utilitarian goal of power and control - and his own sexual satisfaction.  Unhindered by 'normal' concepts of morality, Krieger is a beyond good and evil in a Nietzschean sense. 

    Krieger's 'frontier' work operates in the same murky taboo and grey areas of science as his forebears which incl…

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  • HighComs

    During their dinner date in Skin Game, Archer reveals to Katya (and the audience) how he really feels about his relationship with his mother.  In a rare moment of self-awareness Archer gives an explicit description - with almost psychoanalytic detail - of what Katya represents both to himself and Malory.  To him she is the love of his life and liberator from Malory's overbearing personality - which is exactly why Malory hates her, or anyone who comes close to fulfilling the role of Archer's soul mate.  He suggests that Malory feels no one is as deserving of Archer's love as 'mother', hinting at a destructive co-dependence on both their parts.  Archer describes himself as being psychologically imprisoned by his mother's inability to let him…

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  • HighComs

    Satire of Imperialism

    Pocket Listing hints (heavily) that Cheryl's pathological mental state and troubled behaviour could be a consequence of her being a descendant of a sinister and immoral colonial family, and brought up with 'old colonial /capitalist values' (slavery/exploitation/amassing great wealth at the expense of whole continents and the environment).  As a beneficiary of great wealth without a hint of remorse for it's acquisition, she is 'karmically damaged goods', so to speak.  A cautionary tale perhaps.

    This episode also draws unpleasant comparisons between the fictional Durhani royal family - with whom the US is allied - and real life imperial rulers of oil-rich countries.  It does this by referring obliquely to King Leopold II …

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  • HighComs

    Dream Persona / 'Real Life' Character

    I have taken the time to create a Dream Persona page for each of the characters in Danger Island.


    Character / (Role)

    • Main page
      • Redirects

    Cheryl (New York Socialite / Vagrant)

    • Charlotte Stratton
      • Charlotte Stratton nee Vandertunt
      • Charlotte Stratton (Danger Island)

    Sterling (Pilot)

    • Sterling Archer (Danger Island)
    • Sterling (Danger Island)
      • Sterling (Pilot)

    Pam (Co-Pilot)

    • Pam Poovey (Danger Island)
      • Pam (Danger Island)

    Krieger (Sidekick/ Macaw)

    • Crackers
      • Crackers (Danger_Island)

    Malory (Hotel and Airline Owner)

    • Malory Archer (Danger Island)​​
    • Malory (Danger Island)
    • Madam Malory

    Ray (Police Chief)

    • Capitaine Reynaud
      • Reynaud (Danger Island)
      • Reynaud

    Lana (Princess)

    • Princess Lanaluakalani
      • Princess Lanaluakalani (Danger Island)
      • Lanaluakalan…

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  • HighComs

    Why Archer? pt1

    April 26, 2018 by HighComs

    Archer is a loveable rouge - an exceptional dicknuts that you love to hate and hate to love.  He antagonises everyone close to him, including his an insanely pathological mother - and suffers from the mother of all mother complexes. Yet in spite of this, he almost always gets his own way: he's how you would behave if you thought you could get away with it, sans consequence.  He rides the edge of his conscious and sub-conscious minds, constantly sipping drinks as he Freudian slips in and out of consciousness (Season 8 : Dreamland explores this dimension more fully], ever on the prowl for the exciting and the taboo.  He never fully achieves self-consciousness - the awareness that he himself may have the problem - (except on rare occassions):  i…

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