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Blood Test
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 3
Written by Adam Reed
Production code XAR02001
Original air date February 10, 2011
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"Blood Test" is the third episode of the second season of Archer.

Plot Edit

Archer is in for a huge (well, about ten pounds) surprise when his favorite call girl, Trinette, shows up at ISIS with a bouncing baby boy on her hip. And a subpoena for a paternity test in her purse. Is Archer the father of the wee baby Seamus? Well, that's what the paternity test is for. That's why they have those.[1]

Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Archer's ringtone is called "Mulatto Butts".[2] One of the ODIN agents guarding the safe also has this ringtone. This is part of a running joke from Adam Reed's shows, where odd songs are created for ringtones for characters to use. (For instance "Cat Party" from "Frisky Dingo." Adam Reed has said that someone has probably made this into an actual ringtone, as was done with the previous songs.
  • Archer mentions Emily Post, a notable writer on manners and etiquette: When Malory says "Where are your manners?", Archer replies "I'm sorry, I guess I skipped over the Emily Post chapter about 'How to Introduce Your Mother to a Hooker".
  • "Paging Dr. Loggins": In reference to the song "Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins, a frequent reference made by Sterling Archer.
  • The phrase "Me Too" can be heard variously throughout the episode, coming from Krieger. This is a recurring interjection from him as a running joke in the series.
  • Malcolm X Tea: Said to Woodhouse in regards to the psychoactive effects of large doses of nutmeg, of which Malcolm X is said to have tried while in prison.
  • When Lana angrily informs Cyril that "sexual addiction is not a real disorder," Cyril tells her to "wait 'till the new DSM comes out." One of the proposed revisions of the DSM-V is called "Hypersexual Disorder." It was not included in the final edition.[3]
  • Trinette asks for Lana to give her back her baby, as she is afraid she will crush him with her giant hands. When Lana refuses to give up the wee baby Seamus, Ray utters the phrase, "give her the rabbit, Lennie". This is a reference to John Steinbecks of mice and men, In which one of the main characters Lennie, has incredible strength, yet is also mentally challenged. Lennie is obsessed with wanting to own rabbits, but his care taker and only friend always tells him he most likely crush the rabbits by accident, just like he did with the mice he took care of.
  • When Woodhouse says:"Let's liven things up, Burroughs. Five grams of junk says I can shoot a pina colada off your wife's head.". William S. Burroughs was early 20th century avant-garde author. In 1951, at a party in Mexico, he accidentally shot his wife in the head while playing a drunken game of "William Tell".
  • The use of ''''934, 934TX, and 934TXS' (harken back and/or flash forward)

- Skytanic, Season 1, Episode 7:  The bomb's model number is 934TXS which is confusing when Archer, who does not know the NATO phonetic alphabet, says to Ray it’s “like INXS.”

-    The Rock, Season 1, Episode 8:  The “code cloner” displays 934TXS when unlocked.

-    Blood Test, Season 2, Episode 3:  The lockbox, which stores a glass bottle of Archer’s blood, has the code of 934TXS when Archer decodes it inside the bank vault.

-    Double Trouble, Season 2, Episode 13:  When Barry’s Bionic cybernetic information is displayed, under Fuel Capacity the screen displays 934TXS ENCRYTED.

-    Live and Let Dine, Season 4, Episode 7:  Rodney uses the 934TX Telephonic Isolator Unit to find out 16's exclusive phone number for reservations.  Again, at the very end of the episode for a brief moment, 934-TXS is call number on Barry & Katya’s helicopter.

-    The Papal Chase, Season 4, Episode 11:  The imposter “Swiss Guard's” vehicle plate number is 934TXS.

-   The Holdout, Season 6, Episode 1:  When Pam does the retinal scan, the secret door unlocks and the code reads 934TXS.

-   Three to Tango, Season 6, Episode 2:  The license plate on the limo Archer is chauffeuring for Lana and Conway reads 934TXS; it can be seen when he screeches to a halt in the parking garage. Additionally, when Slater drives Lana and Archer to the airport the front license plate read 934TXS, but the back plate is different.

-    Edie’s Wedding, Season 6, Episode 4:  Pam and Archer board flight number 934.

This code is often used in Adam Reed shows.

  • Woodhouse, upon realizing his "entire stash" of heroin is gone, says "it's going to be an itchy weekend," referring to one of heroin's effects. However, heroin causes users to itch while they are high, not while withdrawing.
  • Lana, throughout the episode, propositioned both Archer and Ray to make a baby.
  • Both Archer and Barry mispronounce the unit of measure, gill. It is pronounced "jill" not gill as in fish gills.

Gallery of ImagesEdit

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References Edit

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