First appearance "Dial M for Mother"
Height 6'4"
Eyes Green
Hair Buzzed
Languages Russian (native)
Nationality Russian
Occupation KGB soldier
Skills Technology, project management
Personal Life
Relationships Katya Kasanova (boss/current lover)
"Who Archer think he is? Only guy who want father?"

Boris, aka Jakov's Assistant, is a reliable KGB soldier that often assists Nikolai Jakov with a variety of tasks. He is desperate for Nikolai's attention. He sabotaged the paternity test to see if Archer was his biological son due to his jealousy.

His rank is Junior Lieutenant, but he manages to exert high authority in carrying out missions and setting KGB direction, such as green lighting a cyborg project that turned Barry Dylan into the man made of metal fused with flesh that he is today. Ironically, this act would lead to Jakov's dismissal from the KGB to be replaced by Barry, something Boris did not handle well.

Luckily, Barry's leadership was temporary, as Boris is now assistant to Katya Kasanova. Eventually Boris would become Katya's latest love interest, after she dumped Barry. His suddenly large decrease of intelligence has made him something of a disappointment for Katya. This dense version of him may very well just be a disguise, to rule himself out as a possible candidate for whatever the next master plan is that he may be concocting.


Season 1Edit

  • In "Dial M for Mother," he tries to raise Jakov's spirits by dancing with a piece of lingerie purchased for Malory.

Season 2Edit

  • In "Movie Star," he again tries to raise Jakov's spirits by demonstrating a voice-changing device.
  • In "White Nights," he oversees and sabotages the paternity test.
  • In "Double Trouble," he attempts to earn a promotion by leading an operation to recover Katya Kazanova, before dismissing it due to Barry Dylan's going rogue.

Season 3Edit

  • In "Crossing Over", he disobeys Barry's orders to send Jakov to Siberia, instead helping him escape to the United States.

Season 4Edit

Season 6Edit

  • In "Edie's Wedding", it is revealed that he has begun going out with Katya after the latter dumped her previous boyfriend, Barry, and was described as "literally the dumbest guy in Russia" by Barry.
  • In "Reignition Sequence",Boris is seen reading a russian magazine in bed next to Katya. He becomes suspicious when she gets a phone call in the middle of the night, and abandons him.


  • Boris is a reference to the character Ronnie from Frisky Dingo.
  • Boris is not a reference to the character Boris from "Rocky & Bullwinkle / Boris & Natasha", even though both have Russian accents, both are attached to secret spy agencies, and both are named Boris.

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