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Brett Bunsen
First appearance Mole Hunt
Voiced by Neal Holman
Aliases Mr. Bloodmobile
Languages English (native)
Nationality American
Occupation ISIS Employee
Skills Being shot
Personal Life

Brett Bunsen was an ISIS employee who was and got shot numerous times while employed there. His occupation at ISIS was clearly unknown. Brett permanently walks with Lofstrand crutches, which is and was most likely due to one or both of his first gunshot wounds from Sterling Archer. He earned the nickname of "Mr. Bloodmobile" (given to him by Malory in El Secuestro) for his ability to lose great amounts of blood without dying. Whenever he got shot, Brett would often shout, "God Damn it, [insert name of whoever shot him]!"

Along with many other ISIS employees, Brett had paid for the right to say he had sex with Lana in "Dial M for Mother". In "El Secuestro", his name appears on an ISIS computer as "Brett Buckley" which seems to conflict with his confirmed full name, "Brett Bunsen", revealed in Season 5. Brett dies in "White Elephant" from a bullet shot to the head during the FBI's raid on ISIS. (Note: Archer is asking Brett Buckley for the name of a Muppets character and Brett leans forward to hear him when he is shot in the head. Archer later remembers the character's name is "Bunsen Honeydew", Beaker's boss on the Muppets.)

He is voiced by and physically modelled on[1] Neal Holman, the production designer and art director of Archer.

Gunshot WoundsEdit

Brett is a bullet magnet at ISIS headquarters. Whether he's hit by a ricochet while walking by or attempting to put his pants on, he always manages to get randomly shot, many times courtesy of Sterling.

1st Gunshot WoundEdit

His first gunshot wound is from Sterling Archer in "Mole Hunt". Archer shoots multiple times at the ISIS mainframe's door and one of the bullets ricochet and hits Brett, likely in his limb.

2nd Gunshot WoundEdit

In the locker room during "Diversity Hire" during a competition with Conway Stern, Archer tries to prove the stopping power of his small gun the Walter PPK by shooting Brett while he puts on his pants, thus stopping him and wounding him as well.

3rd Gunshot WoundEdit

Brett suffers a third gunshot wound when Rona Thorne tries shooting an automatic weapon down range at the ISIS shooting range in "Movie Star". As an apology, Rona tells Brett to get a new suit and charge it to her manager.

4th Gunshot WoundEdit


Brett suffering from his fourth gunshot wound.

His fourth gunshot wound is provided by Cyril in "El Secuestro." This wound occurred during an ISIS lockdown and was much more serious than the rest. After being forced to cover reception and answer the phones, he eventually passes out.

5th Gunshot WoundEdit


Brett's fifth gunshot wound, seen with a walking aid.

Brett suffers a fifth gunshot wound when Lana demonstrates and proved how Archer's new car is bulletproof in "Drift Problem".

6th Gunshot WoundEdit

Brett managed to be shot a sixth time in "Legs" by a bullet fired from Archer that ricocheted at least five times, including off of Cyril's pocketwatch and a fire extinguisher, before hitting Brett in a stairwell causing massive external bleeding. This particular shot involving a 'magic bullet' had Sterling reference the Warren Commission which investigated the assassination of JFK.

7th Gunshot WoundEdit

In the ISIS Training video clip, a drunken Archer is demonstrating gun safety to new recruits when he realizes (after shooting several times) that none of them have ear protection. He asks one of the recruits to hold his gun while he gets ear plugs and tosses it to him. The recruit fumbles with the gun in fear, before dropping it to the ground. The gun, however, does not go off. Archer begins to say how lucky they were, before it suddenly shoots off and hits Brett off-screen.

8th Gunshot Wound and DeathEdit

In the season 5 premiere, "White Elephant", Brett is shot in the head and killed when Archer attempts to get his attention during the FBI raid.

Other InjuriesEdit

Barry other barry

Brett after a run-in with Barry and Other Barry.

In "Stage Two", Brett is beaten badly by Archer after he mocks Archer's breast cancer.

In "Skin Game", Brett is horribly beaten in an elevator by Barry Dylan when he is sent to receive alcohol for Archer's second wedding with Katya Kazanova. Scrawled in his blood on the wall behind him are the messages "Barry was here" and "so was Other Barry".

Later in the same episode, Brett was again horribly beaten by Archer, who mistook him for Barry while hunting for the cyborg in the dark.



  • Sterling Archer: "Well, [Brett] died doing what he loved - getting shot."



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