Brett Bunsen
First appearance "Mole Hunt"
Voiced by Neal Holman
Age 40's (Deceased)
Aliases Mr. Bloodmobile
Languages English (native)
Nationality American
Occupation ISIS Employee
Skills Getting shot
Personal Life
"God damn it, [insert name of whoever shot him]!"
—Brett whenever he gets shot

Brett Bunsen was an ISIS employee who got shot numerous times while employed there. He is voiced by and physically modeled on Neal Holman, the production designer and art director of Archer.[1]


During his lifetime, Brett was a bullet magnet at ISIS Headquarters. Whether he's hit by a ricochet while walking by or attempting to put his pants on, he always manages to get randomly shot, many times courtesy of Archer.

Season 1Edit

"Mole Hunt"Edit

When Archer unsuccessfully tried to get into the ISIS mainframe, he resorted to shooting the door. However, the bullets bounced off, one of which hit Brett offscreen. When an angry Brett asked Archer what's wrong with him, Archer responds that nothing is wrong with him, but Brett has a bullet inside him.

"Diversity Hire"Edit

In the ISIS locker room, Archer pulls out his gun (a Walther PPK) to threaten Conway Stern, saying that his gun has plenty of stopping power. Brett mocks Archer's gun by saying, "What? That little...?" Archer shoots Brett before he can finish his sentence. Brett later tells Pam, which backfires on Archer when he tries reporting to her about the situation with Conway in the locker room.

"Dial M for Mother"Edit

Brett was one of the many ISIS employees who paid for the right to say they had sex with Lana Kane when she was getting revenge on Cyril Figgis for cheating on her with Framboise.

Season 2Edit

"Movie Star"Edit

When Rona Thorne tried shooting an automatic weapon in the ISIS firing range, one of the bullets hits Brett. As an apology, Rona tells Brett to get a new suit and charge it to her manager.

"Stage Two"Edit

When Archer was diagnosed with breast cancer, he went around ISIS Headquarters passing around cancer awareness pins. Archer offered one to Brett, who instead mocked Archer's cancer. Archer subsequently beats up Brett. Cyril states that at least they know Archer doesn't have cancer in his fists; Ray Gillette adds that Archer is beating Brett's ass.

"El Secuestro"Edit

Brett's fourth gunshot wound was provided by Cyril. This wound occurred when Cyril accidentally fired a weapon he had received during an ISIS lockdown, and the bullet hit Brett in the stomach. The phone then rings, and Brett is forced to answer it. This wound allows Malory to call Brett "Mr. Bloodmobile". Eventually, Brett passes out from blood loss.

Season 3Edit

"Drift Problem"Edit

To prove that Archer's birthday gift (a new Dodge Challenger, fitted with spy gear) is bulletproof, Lana shoots it with a TEC-9. The bullets all bounce off, and one of them hits Brett.

"Skin Game"Edit

For Archer's second wedding to Katya Kazanova, Brett was ordered to retrieve alcohol. However, he ended up getting badly beaten by Barry Dylan, who wrote the messages "Barry was here" and "So was Other Barry" in Brett's own blood. Later, Archer (mistaking Brett for Barry) badly beats up Brett again.

Season 4Edit


Brett managed to get shot a sixth time by a bullet fired from Archer that ricocheted at least five times, including off of Cyril's pocketwatch and a fire extinguisher, before hitting Brett in a stairwell and causing massive external bleeding. This shot makes Archer reference the Warren Commission. Malory later angrily yells at Brett, telling him that all of his blood had better be cleaned up by Monday.

"Un Chien Tangerine"Edit

Brett, along with Cyril, Ray, Dr. Krieger, and Jane, watch Pam take the IFAB naked.

ISIS TrainingEdit

A drunken Archer is demonstrating gun safety to new recruits when he realizes (after shooting several times) that none of them have earplugs. He asks one of the recruits to hold his gun while he gets earplugs, tossing the gun to the recruit. The recruit fumbles with the gun in fear, dropping it on the ground. However, the gun does not go off. Archer begins to say how lucky they were before the gun suddenly goes off, hitting Brett offscreen.[2]

Season 5Edit

"White Elephant"Edit

When ISIS was attacked, Cyril dropped his glasses and began making noises that reminded Archer of Beaker from The Muppets. Archer began to ask everyone what the name of Beaker's boss was; however, none of them knew, so Archer asked Brett. Brett shouted that he couldn't hear Archer before he was shot in the head, killing him instantly. Archer remarks that Brett died doing what he loved the most: getting shot. The attackers were then revealed to be the FBI.

Upon hearing that Brett's last name was "Bunsen", Archer finally remembered that Beaker's boss was named Bunsen Honeydew.


Brett appears to have a case of PTSD for which Archer is a trigger. This is evident due to the fact that whenever Brett comes into contact with Archer, he jumps and screams.


  • Neal Holman served as a model for Brett.
  • As seen in "The Holdout", there is an area in the newly-renovated ISIS office covered in Brett's blood from the gunshot wound that he received in "El Secuestro".
  • Brett's last name is inconsistent. In "El Secuestro", he answers the phone and Ray starts a trace, and before Brett hangs up his voice is identified as "Brett Buckley". However, in "White Elephant", Agent Holly presents a release that claims Brett's last name is "Bunsen".


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