Captain Lammers
First appearance Skytanic
Voiced by Stephen Stanton
Hair White
Occupation Former Captain of the Excelsior
Personal Life

Captain Lammers is the captain of the helium-filled, luxury airship Excelsior.


Lammers had apparently worked on the Excelsior for a number of years with Lt. Klauss Kraus. He was eventually promoted to Captain with Kraus as his second in command. The agents at ISIS were called onto the Excelsior when a bomb threat was called in. It was later revealed Malory called in the threat so as to get a free trip on the Excelsior, though they later discover an actual bomb. Kraus offered to help defuse it but Lammers shot him and revealed he planned to blow up the Excelsior as an act of vengeance for having been tricked into putting his entire 401(k) retirement account into company stock, which lost value when the stock tanked. His plan was to make the money back by "shorting" the stock (which would result in a significant gain as the price of the stock went down). The ISIS agents managed to defeat Lammers and prevent his bomb from destroying the Excelsior anyway. It is unknown what happened to him after parachuting off Excelsior.


  • Employees of companies are often encouraged, as was Lammers, to put their retirement accounts into company stock. This serves the dual purpose of tying the self-interest of the employee to the success of the company and inflating the price of the stock. Executives of some less scrupulous companies have famously encouraged this even though they knew the stock was soon to be worthless.