First appearance "Swiss Miss"
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Occupation Kidnapper
Personal Life

Sia (Ex-Girlfriend)

Carlito (Twin Brother)

Carlito's twin brother is one of three known members of El Frente Rojo. He was severely burned by Archer while trying to kidnap Anke Schlotz. He was always competing with his brother, especially for the affections of Sia. He stole Sia from Carlito, but she left him after his face was burned off, as well as his voice box being damaged so that he can only speak in gargles. His twin brother, Carlito is most likely dead, probably dying with Sia in a snowmobile explosion while pursuing Archer and Anke Schlotz. This leaves him as the sole survivor of the team. Given the damage Archer did to his face and voice box, as well as killing his brother and lover, it is highly likely that he wants Archer dead.

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