Cecil Tunt
Cecil Tunt
First appearance Sea Tunt: Part I
Voiced by Eugene Mirman
Eyes Violet
Hair Brunette
Languages English
Occupation Philanthropist
Personal Life
Family Cheryl (Sister)
Tunt Family (Member of)
Tiffy (Girlfriend)

Cecil Tunt is a member of the Tunt family, Cheryl's brother, and only surviving relative. As such he is entitled to inherit half of the Tunt family fortune of one billion dollars, and is currently in charge of maintaining the trust fund containing their inheritance. Cheryl avoids speaking to Cecil and describes him as disgusting. He is in a relationship with Tiffy, whom Cheryl describes as a "brother stealer."

Cecil's first appearance in the series is in "Sea Tunt: Part I." His appearance changed drastically from his portrait in the Tunt Mansion; in "Sea Tunt" he has no beard, no red/auburn hair he has gained some weight. Cecil is apparently a vegan. He is revealed to be overly philanthropic, which is unfortunately coupled with the fact that he is a terrible businessman. Several of his charities are useless/poorly conceived ("One Laptop per Child Soldier" became one thousand laptops per warlord, for example). 

Cecil owns a luxurious helicopter, which is used to transport the ISIS team out to sea in "Sea Tunt: Part I".

In "Sea Tunt: Part II" it was revealed he gave Murphy an incredibly large salary three years in advance, a move that led Murphy to describe Cecil as "the world's worst negotiator." Cecil also approved the budget for the $200 million underwater research facility without reading it, a facility that by Murphy's own admission produced very little research of any scientific value.

Cecil's fortune was restored (and then some) with the destruction of the underwater research facility, which was insured for three times its value.



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