Archer's Cell Phone

Cell Phones are a common tool used by the ISIS field agents and employees. They are extremely helpful in defusing bombs, taking photos and voice recording. They send pictures and can be used for video calls. Almost every ISIS employee has one. The agents phones are one of many modern twist to this 1960's based TV show.


  • Cell phones are some of the most current technologies apparent in Archer. In season 6, the cell phone will appear in certain scenes with more detail, with a microphone pinholes visible at the bottom of its face.
    • There are different models of cell phones seen used by characters. Pam has a landscape-oriented device, her sister Edie has a custom-coloured flip-phone, and smartphone-based devices with full touchscreens appear in later seasons.
    • From season 6 the UI design for the cell phone is updated in line with most computer displays in the show. It is now accented in white with a blue hexagon background.
  • The most common cell phone model appears to be modelled after Sony Ericsson phones. Rather fittingly, these are the same brand of phones used by the character James Bond since the 90s. It appears to have a 30-pin connector most notably used by Apple, and in some scenes will be shown to have a touchscreen display.
  • A recurring joke throughout the show has characters destroy their cell phones after recieving aggrevating phone calls, usually from Archer.