Claudette Kane
Lana's Mother
First appearance The Kanes
Voiced by C. C. H. Pounder
Age Unknown
Eyes Brown
Hair Dark Gray
Personal Life
Family Lemuel Kane (husband)
Lana Kane (daughter)
Lana's sister (daughter)
Abbiejean Kane-Archer (grandaughter)
Professor Claudette Kane is Lana's mother and a professor of Public Policy at UC Berkeley, focusing on feminist issues. She appeared first appeared in "The Kanes". She is voiced by the fantastic C.C.H. Pounder. Her husband is Lemuel Kane, a microbiologist.

Professor Kane is not particularly fond of Sterling Archer for several reasons:

  • The first time the Kanes are to meet Archer, he is very late. They sit waiting to order dinner. It appears that all of the complimentary bread has been eaten. When Lana suggests that he is probably just caught in traffic, Claudette replies dryly, "He could have walked here by now."
  • Claudette and Lemuel are not big drinkers. When Archer arrives at the restaurant for his first meeting with Lana's parents, he is drinking two-fisted, and is so intoxicated that he crashes into the table, falls to the floor, and pulls the tablecloth down on top of him, sending the drinks, plates, and light smashing to the floor.
  • Archer punctuates his drunken entrance to the restaurant with a raunchy joke about it being the kind of party that makes you prefer mashed potatoes. It is unclear if Claudette understands the joke, but Lemuel definitely does, because he brings it up when Archer and Lana take Abbiejean to meet her grandparents. Claudette definitely does not approve of Archer's sense of humor, because she frequently responds to his comments with, "Don't do that."
  • Nudism comes as naturally to Claudette as it does to her daughter as well as her husband: they've no compunction about their uninhibited practising of this idiosyncratic behavior pattern. It's no wonder then that Lana goes au naturel at the drop of a hat, so to speak.
  • When Claudette insists that Archer take off his swim trunks in the hot tub and mentions that she and Lemuel have something special to share with Archer, he assumes that they want to have sex with him and begins to set the ground rules, appalling both Drs. Kane.
  • When Archer wants to chase after the men who stole Lemuel's research, he asks Claudette to, "be a lamb and watch the baby", which elicits an angry look from her.


  • Lana explains to Archer in one episode that if anything were to happen to her (and only her), custody of their daughter, Abbiejean, would go to either Claudette and her husband, Lemuel, or Lana's sister. At first, Archer's against this, but later agrees that it's probably what's best for their daughter.