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Conway Stern
First appearance Diversity Hire
Voiced by Coby Bell
Age unknown
Height 6'2"
Weight 182lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Nationality American
Occupation Double Agent
Possible Mercenary
Skills Knives, sniper shooting, subterfuge, snappy comebacks, one-liners
Personal Life
Relationships Cheryl Tunt (Sexual Encounter)
Malory Archer (Implied)
You see something you like?

Conway Stern, is a double agent who used his real identity (though acting as if it was false) to embed himself at ISIS. Malory Archer hired him to increase diversity at ISIS after he presented himself as being both black and Jewish. Malory also found herself extremely attracted to him and at one point they spent a weekend together at her South Beach apartment. He is voiced by Coby Bell.

While embedded at ISIS, he proved himself an excellent spy (resolving the complex and ongoing operations Frodo and Salsa) and became a fast friend to all the ISIS employees (except Archer and Lana). He also had a sexual relationship with Cheryl (Cristal), who wanted to have his baby.

He infiltrated ISIS to obtain the Whisper Drive, a silent submarine propulsion system, from its inventor Wilhelm Schmeck, who planned to betray America and sell it drive to the Cuban Naval Intelligence. The operation was run from Malory's condo, with Sterling standing in as Schmeck's Cuban contact.

During the operation, Sterling intended to kill Conway, whom he suspected was trying to deceive Malory into marrying him and cut Sterling out of her will. After obtaining the Whisper Drive, and after Conway saved Sterling's life twice, Sterling regretted his intent to kill Conway. After admitting to his intentions, Conway literally stabbed Sterling in the back, revealing his true intentions to sell the Whisper Drive to the Chinese.


Conway takes losing his hand fairly well.

Lana arrived during Conway's attempted helicopter escape and shot her spear gun through the briefcase carrying the Whisper Drive plans case that was handcuffed to Conway's wrist. Thanks to the immense strength of Lana's monster hands, she managed to rip off Conway's left hand as he narrowly escaped, clinging to the helicopter's drop rope ladder and swearing revenge.

In Season 4, Legs, it is revealed that Krieger fitted him with a robotic left hand at some point afterward.

In the Season 6 episode Three to Tango, Conway appears again and gives off the impression of change while Archer suspects he is up to no good. During this time, he tries to flirt with Lana and learns of her and Archer's child. Later on when the mission is complete he this time shoots Archer in the back (not Lana due to her just having a baby) and loses another hand again due to Lana causing him to remark "Are you kidding me?!" It is also revealed while parachuting that Conway Stern is his real name and he just lied to deceive the others about it not being his name.


  • He enjoys shrimp.
  • Is not circumcised, suggesting he is not actually Jewish or highly unaffiliated which is doubtful due to his star of David necklace. He cannot be a convert as circumcision is required to end the conversion process. The star of David necklace is likely part of a disguise used to infiltrate ISIS.
  • Has an extremely quick wit.
  • Is one of three ISIS employees (along with Rip Riley and Rodney Whosits) to walk away from the company alive.
  • Has a cybernetic left hand courtesy of Dr. Krieger's experiments.
  • Conway is the fourth character in the series to become a cyborg (Barry Dylan, Katya Kazanova, and Ray Gillette are the others).
  • The scene showing his cybernetic arm being activated is a reference to Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes back, when the protagonist Luke Skywalker is fitted with a new hand.

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