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Corporal Bishop
First appearance The Double Deuce
Eyes Hazel
Hair White
Aliases Stinky
Languages English (native)
Nationality English
Skills Biplane Pilot
Personal Life

"None of my business, consenting adults and so on." - Corporal Bishop

Corporal Bishop, also known as Stinky, served in World War I and was in the same squadron as Woodhouse. After the mysterious deaths of many members of their squadron, Stinky reconnected with Woodhouse. They both suspected Lieutenant Stripes of murdering their squad mates in order to win the Tontine. Stinky then joined forces with Woodhouse, attempting to fortify Archer's apartment in New York against an attack by Stripes.

Upon arriving at Sterling's apartment, Stinky suspects Woodhouse and Archer of having a homosexual relationship. He even manages a "that's what he said" joke when Sterling tells Woodhouse that he's going to be eating spiderwebs later. He also mistakenly believes that Sterling and Woodhouse adopted the wee baby Seamus.

Stinky is shot twice during the course of The Double Deuce. When Sterling returns from dropping off Seamus with Malory, Woodhouse and Stinky fire arrows at the door, thinking that Archer is Lieutenant Stripes. In retaliation, Sterling shoots his gun blindly, hitting Stinky in his left arm. Later when Stripes arrived at Archer's apartment, Stinky and Woodhouse attacked him. In his own defense Stripes shot back with Reggie's Webley Revolver and hits Stinky's other arm.


  • The name "Stinky" Bishop is probably taken from the English cheese variety called Stinking Bishop.
  • Along with Woodhouse he is one of the few survivors of the Double Deuces  
  • He lives with his niece in Secaucus New Jersey.

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