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First appearance Mole Hunt
Voiced by Shelly Desai
Hair Grey
Languages Russian (native)
English (fluent)
Nationality Russian
Occupation KGB Mole in ISIS
Personal Life

Crenshaw (real name Kremenski) was a KGB mole in the ISIS organization. He is introduced during an interrogation of Sterling Archer during a training exercise, ironically in the event of KGB torture. He is voiced by Shelly Desai.

While Archer attempts to cover up the inappropriate use of his expense accounts, he pretends he is on a mole hunt. This lie forces Crenshaw to reveal himself as a KGB operative named Kremenski. During the course of his escape attempt, he is distracted by the strangely timed erection of Archer, who subsequently kills him.

Other than a KGB mole, it is unknown what Crenshaw's role at ISIS was.  He appears briefly in Season 4 episode The Wind Cries Mary in a flashback.  He is sat at the end of the table opposite Malory for the celebration of Archer and Lucas Troy having completed their training.


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