David Anthony Pizzuto
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Occupation Actor, Voice Actor, Musician, Singer, Songwriter

David Anthony Pizzuto (born July 9, 1951 in Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada) has been an actor since the age of 7 as well as a musician, singer, songwriter, David Anthony is also a Location Scout/Photographer, Location Manager, Producer, Writer and in addition to being a Divemaster and Deep Breath Hold Diver, is also a retired Therapist.

When asked by a reporter why he had so many areas of accomplishment, he replied, "My motto is simple, do the best you can and when the going gets tough, the tough diversify". He divides his time between South Florida, Canada and Los Angeles and wherever the water is deep and clear.

He voiced Nigel the Baccarat dealer and Lt. Klauss Kraus in the episode, "Skytanic."

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