Deadly Prep
Series Information
Series Archer                              
Season No. 7
Episode Information
Episode No. 3
Original Air Date April 14, 2016
Written by Adam Reed
Animation Directed by Marcus Rosentrater
Production Code XAR07003
U.S. Viewership (Millions) 0.787 [1]
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"Deadly Prep" is the third episode of Season 7, being the seventy-eighth episode overall. It first aired on April 14, 2016.


A business opportunity arises at a prep school reunion.

In the midst of his work as a private investigator, Archer travels to his prep school for a reunion with many of his former classmates, but the unexpected occurs when a business opportunity piques Archer's interest.


Archer, Lana, and Malory take Abbiejean to an illustrious prep school in hopes of jump-starting her life down the right path. However, between the low admission rate and the bigoted attitudes of the board, the odds already seemed stacked against it. That is until Archer runs into an unwelcome blast from the past, Richard Stratton IV, AKA "Ivy".


Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Fletch (1985): Richard "Ivy" Stratton's plan for Archer is very similar to Alan Stanwyk's plan for Fletch, substituting Stratton's partner for Stanwyk's wife.
  • The Ballad of Paladin: Archer sings this song to himself while assembling his Walther to go kill Ivy.
  • Grizzly Bear and Jethro Tull: Archer calls Ray "Jethro Dull" when asked if he's about to hunt some grizzly bears, referencing the two rock bands.
  • The Silence of the Lambs (1991): Cyril's revenge fantasy involves a naked Archer in a basement pit, which impeccably resembles the basket scene from the movie.
  • It's a Wonderful Life (1946): Archer makes fun of Whitney attempting to lie about not having money in his house by quoting George Bailey's stammering line "It's in Tom's house... and Bill's house."
  • Octoroon: When Ivy suggests that Abbiejean is a mulatto bastard, Archer says that technically Abbiejean is an Octoroon bastard.
  • Project Gemini & Space Shuttle: Abbiejean is seen playing with models of both a Gemini capsule and Space Shuttle.

Running GagsEdit

  • Phrasing: Lana uses this for the first time ever.
  • Suppressing Fire: Cyril once again proves his ineptitude with firearms as he fires wildly at Ivy and misses him completely all the while yelling his most famous catchphrase.
  • Shitty Weave: As was revealed in "The Figgis Agency", Lana has in fact started using hair extensions since the gang relocated to California. When she's arrested and taken to jail at the end of the episode, she's finally seen without them.
  • Smells Like Glue: Cheryl Tunt is seen sniffing White-Out instead of the rubber cement she usually favors.
  • Carhop: Archer once again jumps from one car to another while both are speeding down the road.


  • Both the official prerelease synopsis and the broadcast television synopsis for this episode (both seen in the section above) vary quite significantly from what actually occurs.
    • Also of note, the broadcast television synopsis has a typo. It lists "peaks" when the homophone "piques" is the proper word to use.
  • Archer remembering that he killed a lot of people while battling with cancer is a callback to the Season 2 episode "Placebo Effect" when he went on a rampage, which he filmed and titled Terms of En-Rampagement.
  • It is revealed that Malory confiscated Archer's phone after the assumed voicemail hoax incident in the previous episode, "The Handoff".
  • Archer says to Whitney that he believes Whitney and Ivy will die in a "bizarre murder-suicide." Later, Ivy shoots Whitney in the head, launches into a chase with Archer, and then attempts to kill both himself and Sterling by driving off a cliff, with Archer jumping out at the last second, proving Sterling's prediction entirely correct.
  • Homicide Detective #2 (nicknamed Rim Shot), seen in the opening scene of "The Figgis Agency", makes another appearance as the officer that arrests Lana.
  • This episode takes place at least two years after "Archer Vice: Arrival/Departure".
  • Archer, to Ray: Jethro Dull


Ivy: "Have you killed people before?"
Archer: "Yeah, literally scores of them. I, actually used to be the world's greatest secret agent."
Ivy: "Oh, before becoming an unlicensed private investigator."
Archer: "After a brief stint as a drug dealer."
Ivy: "Okay, lets do this."


Ray: "Since when do you get a free pass around here just for having a vagina?"
Pam: "Yeah, Cyril."
Cheryl: "And also what is it good for?"
Cyril: "What is what good for?"
Pam: "The free pass for having a vag."
Krieger: "Duh."
Cheryl: "I assume we can expect discounts at local businesses and theme parks."
Cyril: "Oh for the love of..."


Cyril: "I also find it interesting that you, Sterling Archer, man without fear, are running away from your bully."
Archer: "Because Cyril Figgis, man without sense, wasted all the ammunition!"

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Archer - Teaser Deadly Prep00:38

Archer - Teaser Deadly Prep

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