Dr. Speltz
First appearance "Stage Two"
Voiced by Charles Napier
Hair Gray
Nationality American
Occupation Doctor
Personal Life

Dr. Speltz is Malory's doctor, who diagnoses her with breast cancer. When Archer learns of this, he immediately goes to get himself checked as well. During the examination, they learn that Malory's diagnosis is a false positive. During that time, he x-rays Sterling and finds a very obvious tumor in his breast.

Dr. Speltz later performs Sterling's lumpectomy, and announces the procedure as a success, to spare Malory's feelings, because he had to cancel their date. During Archer's celebration for beating cancer, he phones Archer three times. The first call is to inform him that the cancer has spread. The second call is to tell him that he read the wrong chart. The third and final call is to inform that the cancer has definitely spread.

Rita tends to Dr. Speltz's patients at the hospital.

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