Dreamland ( Nightclub )
Series Information
First appearance No Good Deed ( s8 e1 )
Business Overview
Business Type Night Club
Services Live Music, Dancing, Bar
Other Front for Illegal Activities
Location Los Angeles, California
Status Dream ( Non-Reality ) Only
Operational Structure
Owner Mother
Notable Employee's See Dreamland Employees

Dreamland is a high society, 1940's Los Angeles nightclub which exists only as a dream in the comatose mind of Sterling Archer.

The art deco nightclub also serves as a front and base of operations for the notorious L.A. crime boss, Mother. It is a prominent setting in the dream Archer experiences as he lies in a coma throughout Season 8 of Archer.

Season 8Edit

Sterling Archer in a comatose state, envisions himself and all his friends, relations, and associates as characters in film noir-esque Los Angeles setting. The Dreamland is a swanky nightclub with a well-stocked bar, comfortable seating area, and large stage. Additionally, the facility has a second floor office with a large window so the owner can keep an eye on the main space.

In the season premiere episode Archer Dreamland: No Good Deed, Private Investigator Sterling Archer, after trying to shake down bartender Krieger for information regarding the murder of Woodhouse, is beaten up and carried into Dreamland by Mr. Zerk. When he comes to he finds himself in the office of Mother who offers him a job in exchange for possible assistance solving the murder. Archer intends to pass until he sees Lana Kane and is spellbound by her beauty. He introduces himself to her at the bar, but his advance prove futile. Later, Mother telephones Archer at his office saying she knows about the debacle at the port, and that now he owes her big time.

In the episode Archer Dreamland: Berenice, Detectives Figgis and Poovey head to the Dreamland to question Mother, but she's opaque. Archer shows up with Charlotte Vandertunt for similar reasons, but the end result is the same. Archer once again meets Lana Kane, but is humiliated after Charlotte attempts to "help."

In Archer Dreamland: Jane Doe, Archer, Charlotte, and the members of the band find themselves in jail leaving the Dreamland with no entertainment. Lana takes Mother's musing that the place should have a comedy night and runs with it as she does 30 minutes worth of mediocre stand up (all of it about syphilis) to the audience's displeasure. Later, everyone winds up in Mother's office for a severe dressing down.

Rooms / Area's within DreamlandEdit

  • Mother's Office
  • Main Floor
    • Bar
    • Stage

Dreamland EmployeesEdit


  • An exterior silhouette of the Dreamland building appears in the Season 8 version of the title sequence.
  • Early designs of Dreamland had it a single story building and only half  the width of its finshed design. [1]


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