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"El Contador" is the fifth episode of the third season of Archer.

Plot synopsis

Cyril is promoted to field agent, while Malory institutes a strict drug testing policy for her employees. Neither of which sit well with the staff at ISIS. As Cyril is promoted to field agent, he accompanies Sterling and Lana to South America to collect on a bounty of $1,000,000 on Román Calzado. Ray, Cheryl, and Pam know they will not pass the drug test, so they enlist Doctor Krieger to help them pass.

Calzado captures Lana and Archer and plans to hunt them. Cyril poses as "El Contador" (The Accountant) under the guise of aiding Calzado. El Contador plans to hunt Lana and Calzado will hunt Archer. Cyril catches up to Lana, and they use Archer as bait to capture Calzado (after a brief fight). However, they did not get a receipt when they turned in Calzado, so ISIS gets no reward money.

Dr. Krieger's Experiment

Unbeknownst to Ray, Pam, and Cheryl, Dr. Krieger tricks them into being subjects for an experiment leading to vivid hallucinations. He does this by promising that the components will make them pass the ISIS drug test.


Ray hallucinates Pam melting.


Cheryl believes the floor is lava.

Dr. Krieger notes on an audio recorder that, as expected, Cheryl and Ray have fallen asleep. However, Pam remains 'at large'. Later in the episode, Pam is seen riddled with tranquilizer darts and Kreiger is screaming to seal the area.


  • Marlin Perkins was a zoologist, and the host of the popular TV show Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom.
  • The hunting of Archer and Lana is in reference to The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Conell (1924)
  • Archer says "Jai alai?" in response to Calzado saying he's going to hunt "the most dangerous game." This is a reference to Honeypot where Archer challenges Limone to a game of Jai alai, per Limone "a dangerous game, amigo."
  • After getting shot in the hand by Lana, Calzado screams "What the hell, damn guy?". This is a reference to Adam Reed's previous show "Frisky Dingo".

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