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"El Secuestro" is the tenth episode of the second season of Archer.


Cheryl was targeted for a kidnapping, but she misleads the kidnappers into thinking Pam is her. The kidnappers subdue Pam using a stun gun. When Cheryl gets to ISIS, she explains her tardiness by revealing that she was the target of a kidnapping. When Malory asks why anyone would want to kidnap her, Cheryl reveals that she is a member of the Tunt family (not Gimple as it says on her W-4). The Tunts are a wealthy railroad family. Cheryl proves this by taking the ISIS crew to her mansion home. She then reveals she's worth about $500 Million, after splitting a $1 billion inheritance with her "gross" brother. Malory decides ISIS needs to protect Cheryl, for a fee of course.

The kidnappers beat Pam, but she's tough enough to withstand it and insult the kidnappers. When they realize they have the wrong woman, they call ISIS using a voice changer. As Archer and Lana try to convince the kidnappers to let Pam go, Malory gets on the phone and tries to make a deal with the kidnappers. They can't agree to switch Pam with Cheryl, and Malory states she thinks Pam is only worth $5,000.

Before Pam is killed, she agrees to help the kidnappers get Cheryl, and they go off to sneak into ISIS. Cyril, realizing Cheryl is not willing to return the $3,700 amount he lent her from his 401k, kidnaps her for a ransom and handcuffs her to a pipe away from all the others. While calling ISIS and using a voice changer, he attempts to bargain a ransom from ISIS in exchange for Cheryl, but Lana catches him.

Archer finds Cheryl, who he believes 'kidnapped herself.' Once they are with the others, Pam and the

ISIS agents ready weapons for a shootout.

kidnappers arrive. A shootout commences, with most of the kidnappers being killed. The lone survivor admits surrender. Lana tells him to put his hands up and asks Pam if she's okay. Pam asks "Do you people even give a shit?!" as she snaps the surviving kidnappers neck, killing him instantly. Her co-workers are shocked and Pam bemoans her day by saying "Cheryl's dumbass gets me kidnapped and gets the shit kicked out of me all day, and no one tries to rescue me!"

Ray blames Archer who tells him to shut up but Pam says "YOU SHUT UP, MR. PAM'S NOT WORTH IT!" scaring Archer. Pam is extremely upset that the team failed to help her and shot at the kidnappers with no regard for her saftey. However, she is most upset with Malory, for putting a low price on her life. The others stay back as Pam approaches Malory, ready to beat her up, saying "Well, let's see how much you wiggle when I'm whipping 5000 bucks' worth of your ass!" Malory asks if anyone is going to help her, but no one will. Archer says "Let her have this one" which shocks his mother. Pam challenges anyone to help, saying "Anybody want a piece of this?" as she removes her tank top, revealing her terrifying tattoo and her muscles. Echoing the sentiment of the rest who are silenced with fear, Lana states, "Nope."


  • "Secuestro" is Spanish for "kidnapping".
  • The Tunt family has many references to the famous American Vanderbilt family, known for their railroad and shipping empires and extreme wealth. Cornelius Tunt shares the first name with their patriarch Cornelius Vanderbilt and George Washington Tunt with George Washington Vanderbilt. Additionally, the Tuntmore House is a reference to the famous Biltmore Estate, the largest private home in America.
  • Cheryl's ocelot is named Babou after Salvador Dalí's ocelot.
  • Tunt also rhymes with cunt, which Archer finds hilarious and is surprised when no one else reacts to the reference. Throughout the series there will be callbacks to this, for instance in "The Limited" where the engineer exclaims "Those crazy Tunts!"
  • Lana refers to Cyril as Barney when he accidentally discharges his weapon, a reference to the 1960's television program, The Andy Griffith Show. In a running gag, deputy sheriff Barney Fife (played by Don Knotts) often discharges his weapon unintentionally and in one instance  accidentally shoots himself in the foot.
  • The verse Pam has tattooed on her back, alongside hash marks totaling 13, is the third stanza of Lord Byron's The Destruction of Sennacherib:
—Pam's tattoo
  • Some of the faces on screen seen during the voice tracing scenes are Barry, Nikolai Jakov, Charles, Lt. Klauss Kraus, Manfred, and Uta.
  • Brett answers the kidnapper's phone call exactly 8 minutes and 8 seconds into the episode (minus commercials), and Archer hangs up one minute and three seconds later, at 9 minutes and 11 seconds. The time on the display showing how long the kidnapper's call lasted is exactly 1:03, the same amount of time.
  • Archer refers to the "first law of robotics" during one of the negotiation scenes, when he mistakes the voice modulator for a cyborg. There are three laws, devised by science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, regarding the proper conduct of robots. The first law states that, "A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm."
  • After the shootout at the end Pam screams at Archer "You shut up! Mr. Pam's not worth it!" She shouldn't know that he said that because Archer put the call with the kidnappers on mute when he said that to Lana and Ray and then hanging up.
  • When Brett answers the telephone, the ISIS computer identifies him as Brett Buckley. Yet in "White Elephant," the FBI/CIA identifies him as Brett Bunsen.

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