Fawad Fawaz
First appearance Season 6; Episode 9: Pocket Listing
Voiced by Sammy Sheik
Status Unknown
Age 21
Height 6' 2"
Weight 170lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Occupation Crown Prince
Personal Life
"And so,beckoned by the servant,a powerful Negress giant,Fawad entered the boudoir and soon became a man."
—Fawad Fawaz

Overview and History Edit

21 (according to Lana) year old Fawad Fawaz is the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Durhan who first appeared in episode 9 of season 6: Pocket Listing,in which,after securing an intership at Wall Street and needing an abode suitable of the richest prince on the planet,him. And since Tunt Manor was on his list,the CIA,wanting his finger and retinal scans as well as all the data on his mobile devices,decided to place the ISIS agents there where they were all to invite Fawad and his mother mother,Her Majesty,Queen Yasmin Fawaz on a house tour. After Slater incapacitated his team of 4 bodyguards by using "the most powerful laxative known to man",Lana,who was supposed to let Pam take him up on an elevator to be tranquilized,led him to a bedroom to try and have sex. When Fawad was finally about to enter the bedroom where Lana was lying on the bed in her black lingerie,he said his famous quote "And so,beckoned by the servant,a powerful Negress giant,Fawad entered the boudoir and soon became a man.." which clearly implied that he is still a virgin.

However,his opportunity to have sex with Lana was ruined because Archer tranquilized him which in turn made it look like Fawad had a seizure. Archer made a pun about Fawad fainting because Lana was so good looking and after they both got into another argument,they began making out. However,Fawad woke up and was tranquilized again,but this time,in front of his mother along with Pam and Cheryl. In a fit of rage,she called the guards before being tranquilzed,forcing everyone to escape through a secret passageway in Tunt Manor except for Lana and Archer,who hid in the bathroom and had various forms of sex.

Known Information Edit

According to Lana,Fawad is 21 or so she thinks. He is the crown prince of the Kingdom of Durhan,a fictional,oil-rich country allied to the US. He is supposed to be the richest prince on the planet and has a Wall Street internship. He has 4 bodyguards that will not hesitate to kill on sight and as revealed through his famous quote,he's a virgin.

Appearances Edit

Fawad appeared in Season 6; Episode 9: Pocket Listing