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First appearance "Job Offer"
Voiced by Judy Greer
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Aliases Pelé of Anal
Languages French (native)
English (fluent)
Nationality French
Occupation Former ODIN human resources director
Skills Anal Intercourse
Personal Life
Relationships Barry Dylan (ex-fiancé)
Here, we are one big famille.

Framboise is a French woman who enjoys anal sex. She was the former human resources director for ODIN as well as Barry Dylan's ex-fiancée. She is voiced by Judy Greer.

Character BiographyEdit

While Archer was temporarily employed at ODIN, Len Trexler suggested Framboise and Archer have sex in Archer's new office, to help Archer feel welcome; but Archer is unable to perform because of ODIN's openness toward sexual activity in the workplace. He is able to get aroused when Framboise suggests anal, but Barry catches them. He gets shot in the arm while doing so; afterward he terminates her employment.

While Archer is leaning Framboise over the sofa chair, she's holding a pixilated dildo.

The details of Barry's relationship with Framboise are somewhat cloudy. He claimed that he was engaged to Framboise, but he never actually proposed to her. Despite this fact, he continues to refer to her as his ex-fiancee.

Framboise' response to Barry's "Staple my heart back together" is translated as "A heart? You don't have a heart."

Barry attempted to have her killed in a car explosion as she left ODIN headquarters, but she met Cyril, who offered to help her with her box; this led to them having anal sex. Lana Kane caught them at it while making her way to the elevator with Archer.


  • Framboise is French for raspberry.
  • Archer called her the "Pelé of Anal," a reference to Pelé, one of the most widely recognized professional Soccer players, regarded as "The Greatest of All Time".
  • She speaks both French and English (and "Greek").
  • There is a flaw in her character. To greet someone, Framboise says "Allô" which is never used by French people in this context. They use it on the phone and as a familiar interjection to someone who seems sleepy or physically present but not involved in a discussion ("Allô, it's Earth, where are you?" or "Allô? Are you with us?"). "Allô" as a greeting belongs to the french canadian thesaurus ("Allô, ça va bien?" for the Canadian but "Salut (familiar) / Bonjour (formal), ça va bien / comment allez-vous?" for the French. "Hi, how's it going / how do you do?").
  • Framboise has a strong resemblance to French porn star Chloë des Lysses in both appearance and sexual preferences.

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