"Fugue and Riffs" is the first episode of the fourth season of Archer.[1]

Plot summaryEdit

Archer has suffered from amnesia for the past two months. During this period, he has been living as 'Bob Belcher' at Bob's Burgers with Linda and her kids.

When the KGB arrives at Bob's Burgers, Archer's training kicks in. Even though he had no idea what he is doing, or how he is capable of it, he dispatches the agents in a bloodbath. He then leaves the family and goes into hiding to protect them. From there, it is up to ISIS to track him and slowly remind him who he was.

They do this by having Lana pretend to also be on the run from the KGB. When the real KGB shows up, though, the plan is thrown into disarray - but a swift blow to the head with a frying pan works just as well in restoring Archer's memories.

Archer, after taking down the hit squad, begins to remember why he ran off. Malory was getting remarried to car dealership owner Ron Cadillac, causing a drunk Archer to commandeer the limo and drive off. Lana wonders how the KGB was able to find Archer in the exact locations during his amnesia, but he dismisses it as a coincidence. Unaware to the group, Barry has been watching every move on board Horizon, while waiting on a new spaceship to be built.


  • This episode has a crossover with FOX's animated series, Bob's Burgers. H. Jon Benjamin voices the protagonist in Bob's Burgers, like Archer.
  • John Roberts guest stars as Linda Belcher, whom he voices in Bob's Burgers.
  • When Kreiger first appears, he is holding a Baby Pigley II, and proceeds to hide him in his pocket.
  • In "Bob's Burgers" new "burgers of the week" are devised with little puns for their names and those of their ingredients. The "Burger of the Week" at the beginning of this episode was the "Thomas Elphinstone Hambledurger with Manning Coleslaw." This was a reference to Thomas Elphinstone Hambledon of the Foreign Office, the protagonist of a series of spy novels written by British author "Manning Coles".
  • Although they portray main characters in 'Bob's Burgers', Eugene Mirman and Kirsten Schaal did not appear in this episode, despite their characters appearing being on-screen. They would however, do guest voices in Sea Tunt.
  • Archer (as Bob) later devises an "Émile Gorgonzola burger with J'accusecumbers." Émile Zola was a famous French writer who was prosecuted for having published a letter entitled "J'accuse" accusing the French government of anti-Semitism.
  • The Hamilton Beach DrinkMaster series is considered classic equipment with a long heritage. Apparently Archer can discern the model (in this case a 727) simply by hearing the motor.
  • During their fight with the KGB, there is a callback to the events in Space Race: Part II, as once again Archer renders Lana topless, destroys her clothes, and uses stickers as pasties when she complains. She corrects him when he says he is experiencing déjà vu because he is in reality recovering a memory of this past event.
  • Barry's murder of the two scientists aboard Space Station Horizon is a reference to "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan", where Khan also murders and hangs up several scientists, who were working on a high-tech project.
  • Archer continues his trend of critiquing the barcraft of others when he berates a server for giving him a margarita made with sour mix. He correctly says a margarita should have "five ingredients: tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, ice, kosher salt."
  • This episode also serves as an homage to the film "A History Of Violence", where a seemingly normal man working at a diner has his training take over as he brutally disarms his would-be attackers.
  • Archer remarks that Lana has "Hulk Hands". When she is about to angry retort, he corrects himself saying she has "She-Hulk Hands", before calling her by the sarcastic nickname of "Jennifer Walters", She-Hulk's alter-ego.

Quotes Edit

Archer: Okay kids. Who wants Manning Coleslaw? And, or an explanation of why that's...[sees the KGB walk in] funny?

Malory: "Oh, Ron, thank you for coming so quickly!"


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