"Heart of Archness: Part III" is the third episode of the third season of Archer. On FX, it was billed as part of the "3-Week Special Edition."

Plot synopsis Edit

Archer, Lana, Ray, Rip Riley and Noah attempt to escape the Pirate Fortress of Pangu Island, meanwhile Malory hardballs the negotiation for their ransom. A fight breaks out between Archer and Bucky, and Ray and Lana are injured by stray bullets.  After Archer insults his mother over the phone for her promiscuity, she furiously changes her mind and tells him he's on his own.  During their escape attempt, Archer is tempted to abandon the others to take part in a pirate lacrosse game, but Lana threatens to end their friendship if he does.  They make it back to ISIS, and Bucky is arrested while Ray is confined to a wheelchair.

Trivia Edit

  • Running gag: The password to the Swiss bank account is "guest".
  • Running gag: Lana, Lana, Lanaaaaaa. In which Sterling repeats Lana's name at increasing volume to get her attention (and her resistance to give it to him).
  • Throughout the episode, there is a running gag about Archer never being able to get out of trouble without his mother's help to which he keeps replying "Columbia House." (Columbia House is known for their legal-binding memberships.)
  • After Archer takes Bucky's gun in the prison, Bucky begins a short monologue that is similar to Clint Eastwood's in "Dirty Harry."
  • After Rip Riley's eye wound is wrapped, he yells at Archer who responds, "Hey, relax Nick Furious!", a reference to Marvel character Nick Fury . Riley and Fury share not only an eye cover, but have very similar hair. Adam Reed has made reference to Nick Fury's organization, S.H.I.E.L.D., in previous work, such as with the Xtacles' flying base in "Frisky Dingo."
  • While Lana is firing the Helicopter mounted machine gun, she screams lines from Full Metal Jacket.
  • The name of Archer's lacrosse team, "Archers of Loafcrosse", is a reference to the 90's indie-rock band Archers of Loaf, while the other team's name, "Lax-mi Singhers" is a reference to NPR newscaster Lakshmi Singh.
  • When Ray tries hoisting Lana up to the trap door in the dungeon cell but comes up short, Sterling says "Missed it by that much", which is a reference to a frequently used phrase by Maxwell Smart of the show Get Smart.
  • While Ray has been shot and needs a blood transfusion, Archer makes reference to Dr. Karl Landsteiner, who did in fact discover the main blood groups. In the flashback to the pub trivia night, Pam confuses Dr. Landsteiner with Dr. Charles R. Drew, who did pioneering research into blood storage and transfusions. Ray is also extremely unlucky that out of the five other people in the cell (Archer, Lana, Bucky, Rip, and Noah) that only Noah is also O-positive, since O-positive is the most common blood type by far. In fact, the odds of Lana, Rip, and Bucky all being A-negative are so small, that chances are that one or more of them is lying about their blood type. Additionally, Ray should also theoretically be able to receive either O-positive or O-negative blood, given that the latter is the universal donor.

Quotes Edit

Malory: "What the hell are you wearing?"
Cheryl: "Uh, this thing called 'my boss made me sleep at my desk,' so pajamas."
Malory: "Men's pajamas? For God's sake, woman, where is your pride?"
Cheryl: "In my work?"
Malory: "That may be the funniest thing you've ever said."
Cheryl: "Thank you."
Malory: "Oh, shut up."

Noah: "But I didn't... y'know... I can't with all the... everybody looking at me and then the judgements--"
Lana: "Noah?"
Noah: "Yes?"
Lana: "I just traveled eight thousand miles and got shanghaied by Malaysian pirates trying to rescue a person who is now responsible for my getting crabs twice!
Archer: "Oh, come on! These crabs, this time, were not my fault. This whole dungeon is, um...."
Ray: "Were you gonna say 'lousy with them?'"
Archer: "I was, but then I realized that's, uh..."
Riley: "Where that phrase comes from? Yeah."
Archer: "Yeah."
Ray: "Yeah."
Lana: "Yeah, so guess what I'm in."
Noah: "No mood?"
Lana: "Winner, winner, chicken dinner."

Ray: "Uh, yeah. For your information, almost all male cheerleaders are--"
Archer: "Finely-tuned hetero-athletes, yeah. Oh, hang on, I'm getting a call. Br-r-r-ring! Hello? Hi, it's lacrosse. You lose!"
Lana: "Wait, the phone!"
Ray: "Lacrosse?!"
Archer: "Yeah, it's Algonquin for...'bloodsport?'"
Noah: "It's not Algonquin for anything!"
Lana: "Aw, but I love it when Malory bails you out of one of your idiot jams."
Archer: "Oh, really?"
Lana: "Yeah because, then I get to watch her rub it in your face."
Archer: "Oh, my god. Okay, first of all--
Riley: "FIRST OF ALL--!"
Archer: "Riley, no. Don't say it."

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