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Archer Got Dick
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 5
Written by Adam Reed
Tony Carbone
Production code AR01005
Original air date February 4, 2010
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"Honeypot" is the fifth episode of the first season of Archer.

Plot summary Edit

Malory's career is threatened when a sensitive videotape falls into the hands of a rogue (and roguish) Cuban agent, so she calls on Archer's expertise in seduction to turn the tables on her blackmailer.

Trivia Edit

  • When Malory briefs Archer on the mission, an image of Pam can be seen winking on the computer screens.
  • In the same scene, Ramon is seen reading France Matin, with the backcover being an ad for Excelsior, the airship in "Skytanic"; the front cover features ODIN. Charles and Rudy are shown, during their first appearance, reading the same magazine.
  • The spies Charles and Rudy also read the same magazine, which reveals to be a cover featuring two unknown agents from ODIN. FX's online store sells the cover featuring Archer and Lana instead.
  • Dr. Krieger's Formula K is a featured article on the France Matin's issue.
  • The ISIS employees play "Kill Bang Marry."
  • This is Ray's first appearance in the show.
  • The exterior of The Cockfight is reminiscent of the Ocean View Hotel in Grand Theft Auto Vice City.
  • Charles and Rudy are portrayed by Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant, respectively. The two are main cast members from Reno 911! and sketch show [ The State], and are also screenwriting/stand-up partners.
  • Ramon's last name is Spanish for "lemon", albeit without the accent mark over the "o". It's possible that this is a reference to him being a "fruit".
  • Cheryl shares her fantasy of having a fireman save from a fire only to choke her to death.  She will later live out this fantasy in "Viscous Coupling" after her date with a fireman that she "met at a fire" leaves her with bruises around her neck.

Main Cast Edit

Guest StarsEdit

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