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International Secret Intelligence Service
The ground level of ISIS headquarters
Abbreviation ISIS
Type of organization Intelligence agency
Operational structure
Head of organization Malory Archer

The International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS) is the workplace of the main characters of Archer. It is quite obviously a spy agency, with international offices (Mole Hunt).

ISIS Headquarters is located in New York City and operates above a wash & fold. Washing machines disguise the primary entrance, which is an elevator.

The security system at ISIS is depicted as weak. When Archer infiltrates the office during the night, he successfully enters the mainframe by using a registred voice of Cyril ("Mole Hunt"). The password "Guest" seems to be widely used to access the ISIS computers ("Mole Hunt," "Training Day").

ISIS is officially shut down by FBI in the episode "White Elephant" but restored at the end of Archer Vice.

In 2014 it was announced that the spy agency will be renamed to avoid confusion with the Islamic State of Iraq & Syria (also ISIS), a real life genocidal terrorist organization.[1]

Employees Edit

Malory ArcherMalory-portCEOMother of Sterling Archer
Sterling ArcherArcher-portField AgentSon to Malory Archer
Lana KaneLana-portField AgentBoth Archer and Cyrils's love interest 
Cyril FiggisCyril-portComptroller, Field AgentPromoted in Season 3
Pamela "Pam" PooveyPam-portHead of Human Resources, Field AgentPromoted to field agent in Season 4
Ray GilletteRay-portField Agent, Field AnalystParalyzed in Season 3 and again in Season 4
Cheryl TuntCheryl-portSecretaryPyromaniac and violence fetish

Extremely rich family

Dr. Algernop KriegerKrieger-portHead of ISIS Scientific ResearchPossible genetic clone of Adolf Hitler; has an affinity for bizarre science experiments
JaneJane-port ISIS Worker Known as "Scatterbrain Jane"

(Present situation unknown)

Brett BunsenBrett-port ISIS Worker

Constantly shot


Rodney WhositsRodneyRequisitions OfficerDebuts in Season 4

(Present situation unknown)

  • According to Malory in Mole Hunt, there are 50 agents who would kill for Archer's position.

Former employees Edit

  • Bilbo, computer/technical support, died after Malory slapped him so hard he went into cardiac arrest.
  • Chet, an intern who died working in Dr. Krieger's lab
  • Conway Stern, an agent who was actually infiltrating ISIS  in order to steal the Whisper Drive and sell it to the Chinese.
  • Crenshaw, who was actually a mole for the KGB named Kremenski
  • Danny, an intern who died working in Dr. Krieger's lab
  • Hector Ruíz, an agent who died due to a cell phone malfunction
  • Mgumbe, an agent who died due to a cell phone malfunction
  • Pak, an agent who died due to a cell phone malfunction
  • Rip Riley, an agent who left ISIS to become a freelance manhunter.
  • Lucas Troy, an agent who left ISIS for ODIN. He was later disavowed for stealing uranium to sell on the black market, then killed.

Unseen employees—ISIS Personnel FilesEdit

In "Mole Hunt," when Malory pulls up Archer's personnel file to investigate his expense account, a list of agents appears on the right side of the screen. Below is a list of ISIS employees who haven't been seen or identified throughout the course of the show, including:

  • Agent Cross
  • Agent Holloway
  • Agent Hyde
  • Agent Mason
  • Agent McGail
  • Agent Royale
  • Agent Shuler
  • Agent Stone
  • Agent Voigt
  • Agent Walker
  • Agent Wolfe
  • Agent Zarich

Unseen employees—Pam's ISIS TontineEdit

In "The Double Deuce," Pam puts together a tontine for a bunch of the ISIS employees. A few of those employees haven't been seen or identified throughout the course of the show, including:

  • Bryan
  • Cody 2
  • Eric X
  • Dennis

Unseen employees—ISIS 401(k) AccountsEdit

During "Jeu Monegasque," Cyril pulls up a list of the ISIS 401(k) accounts, at least one of the ISIS employees listed is dead, agent Hector Ruiz. Some of the other listed employees have never been identified or seen throughout the course of the show, including:

  • John Baxtor
  • Samantha Munroe
  • Heather Baker
  • Jeff Chapman


  • The carpet of ISIS is often referred as being filthy by both ISIS and ODIN employees. "A Going Concern." This could be attributed to the fact that Malory had the cleaning staff killed after they unionized in "The Rock".
  • GPS Coordinates for ISIS headquarters appear to be 33.806333, -84.344165 which is actually an address in Atlanta, Georgia where Archer is created.
  • ISIS, like ODIN, is the name of an ancient deity. Isis is an ancient Egyptian goddess. ISIS' name may also come from SIS, the British Secret Intelligence Service, or ISI, the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence.
  • ISIS is also the name of a Sunni jihadist group in Iraq and Syria.
  • ISIS is also the name of the hotel George Sr. escaped to in the 3rd episode of the second season in Arrested Development.
  • Originally thought of as another US government intelligence agency, it is clear throughout the entire series that ISIS operates more as a private military/intelligence company that does multiple "contracts" for different world governments and multi-billion dollar companies, with the exception of the Soviet Union and its proxy states. It does seem to have strong ties to the U.S. government, though. In the episode "Coyote Lovely" after Archer helps a wanted criminal smuggle a load of illegal aliens into the country and then escape from the U.S. Border Patrol, one of the Border Patrol agents gets a call from his "boss' boss' boss" who informs him that Archer has total legal immunity for the incident. It was later discovered that ISIS was in fact never sanctioned by the US government and had always been in business outside the law, revealing Malory had been lying about the agency's authenticity from the beginning.
  • In The Wind Cries Mary, Pam is angry when no one fills out their peer reviews, angrily stating that only "Ten people work in this whole goddamn chicken shit outfit." This is a reference to the fact so few employees are ever depicted as prominent characters. Following the FBI raid at the beginning of season 5 after ISIS was outed as an illegal agency, only the prominent characters of the show were still featured, with only one reported fatality of the raid (Brett). The rest of the agency employees have yet to re-appear following the agency's re-establishment as a branch of the CIA.
  • With the exception of Cyril and Pam, all acting field agents and Malory have their own trademark weapons.
  • Everyone in ISIS, with the exception of Cheryl/Carol, is fluent in at least one Romance Language:
    • Archer - Spanish, Portuguese, Russian
    • Malory - Italian, French
    • Lana - Italian, French
    • Pam - Italian
    • Cyril - Spanish
    • Krieger - Portuguese
    • Ray - Latin

References Edit

  1. FX Show 'Archer' To Drop ISIS Name, NPR Morning Edition, October 13, 2014

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