Malory attempts to activate the security

The ISIS reception desk is where the receptionist performs her duties at ISIS headquarters. It only makes two direct appearances in the show.


  • In "Mole Hunt," Archer walks by and attempts to talk with the unnamed receptionist.
  • In "Diversity Hire," Lana and Cyril have a discussion in front of the desk about Cyril's belief that Lana is jealous of Conway Stern. Lana then gives Cyril a black eye.
  • In "Double Trouble," Archer, Katya, Lana and Malory have a stand-off nearby while Archer and Katya attempt to leave in the elevator. After they escape, Malory uses the phone there to try and lock down the building via their security system, but ultimately fails.
  • In "Drift Problem" Archer appears from the elevator saying "Paging Dr. Boy....Dr. Birthday Boy!" The desk is shown to be empty and Archer steals the security tape from behind the desk.