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The room being used for a training exercise.

The ISIS training and break room is seen in the first scene of the first episode of Archer. Functioning as a training room, Crenshaw is performing a training exercise with Archer. When the lights turn on we see the breakroom table and the vending machines. This room also has a direct window into Malory Archer's office.


This room appears in many of the episodes, but it doesn't appear in all of them.

As a Training RoomEdit

  • "Mole Hunt" - Crenshaw attempts an interrogation exercise with Archer

As a Break RoomEdit

  • In "Training Day," Lana interrogates Jane to see if Cyril's is telling the truth.
  • In "A Going Concern," the ISIS staff discuss a plan to keep Malory from selling the agency.
  • In "El Contador," the ISIS suport staff discuss how to beat the mandatory drug testing over lunch.
  • In "Bloody Ferlin," Ray explains his family situation to Lana and Archer while they have a snack from the vending machines.
  • In Eddie's Wedding Archer makes coffee while Pam cries about not becoming the maid of honor at Eddies wedding.


  • In Season 2, there is a callback to Crenshaw's attempted interrogation exercise with Archer in the break room. In "White Nights," a different KGB agent interrogates Archer in the same way that Crenshaw attempted to. Archer admits regret about not taking his training seriously.
  • Malory closed the break room during season 4, to the ire of the ISIS employees, after its poor cleanliness became too great an issue.

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