James Mason
James mason
First appearance "Once Bitten"
Voiced by Peter Serafinowicz
Hair Grey
Aliases Cut-rate James Mason
Languages English (native)
Occupation Actor, Archer's spirit guide
Skills Spirit-guiding
Personal Life
"Would you like to know who Sterling Archer really is?"
—James Mason[src]

James Mason is a famous actor from the mid-20th century known for many roles in movies such as North by Northwest. He appears to Sterling in a state of unconsciousness brought on by a cobra bite in Turkmenistan. He guides Archer through his past in an effort to find out why Archer is the way he is. James reveals Archer was shot by a woman, Ruth Anne Litzenberger, in Baltimore. Eventually, this process culminates in Archer finding his true father, but waking up moments before remembering his father's face.



Mason is voiced by Peter Serafinowicz, who previously voiced George Spelvin in the season 2 episode Tragical History.

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