Janelle Gillette
First appearance Bloody Ferlin
Voiced by Paula Malcomson
Languages English
Occupation Drug (marijuana) Farmer
Personal Life
Family Ray Gillette (brother-in-law)
Relationships Randy Gillette (husband)

Janelle Gillette is Randy Gillette's wife and Ray Gillette's sister-in-law.

Background InformationEdit


Janelle offering Archer some more pie.

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Janelle beckons Archer.


Janelle and Archer caught

Janelle makes her debut in the episode Bloody Ferlin. She is outside hanging up laundry when she urges her husband to give the map of the mines planted in their front yard to their guests and wants them to taste some of her pie. Sterling is immediately enraptured by her looks. Randy asks her to show Archer the defensive parameters, while Ray tries to convince him otherwise (knowing Archer would seduce her). She is heard screaming, and when Randy investigates, he finds her topless and Archer pantless. He orders her into the house, then confronts Archer. At first Randy appears upset; then he announces that they have an open marriage and asks Archer if he wants to sleep with Janelle--intending to distract him thus while he sleeps with Carol/Cheryl and wants Archer to be a distraction.

Later they are seen outside of their trailer discussing the rules to which she tells him "no kissing", he replies it's the "weirdest rule". She is seen running into a still-pantless Archer while chasing a chicken. He tells her that Randy gave him a "bible lesson" and that they should "screw their brains out in the barn". She seems to enjoy rubberless sex or loathes condoms when she sleeps with other men. When an angry Ray catches Randy with Cheryl and fires gunshots, she immediately runs to his aid. Janelle is then seen at the table with Ray and Randy before the Sheriff E.Z. Ponder arrives and starts shooting. A piece of glass cuts her on the arm but Cheryl/Carol presses a hot poker to her wound leaving her unable to shoot. Ray knocks Randy out after finding out he was lying, Janelle screams, and Ray tells her that their mama never liked her. At the end of the episode, Janelle and Randy are arrested and she calls Cheryl/Carol a lying-ass bitch for making up the story about them being hostages. In the end, she never got to sleep with Sterling.