Jessy Lynn Martens
Archer Verse Information
Voice of Cherlene (Singing)
Biographical Information
Birth Name Jessica Daumen
Place of Birth Orlando, Florida
Gender Female
Additional Information
Occupation Country Music Vocalist & Musician
Notable Roles Finding Flowers (Album)
Personal Website

Jessy Lynn Martens is an American country music singer. Martens performs the singing vocals for Cheryl Tunt's country singer persona, Cherlene during Season 5 of Archer.

The album Cherlene (Songs from the TV series Archer) contains the complete collection of Martens' work on the show, although the songs are credited to the character of Cherlene.


  • Jessy Lynn Martens was originally just brought in just to play fiddle and mandolin for the Cherlene songs. However, during the recording sessions producers asked if she could also lay down scratch vocals for the songs, which she did. Soon after it was decided to bring her back and perform as the final singer.[1]
  • Martens replaced two other female singers who did not work out.[2]
  • Video of Martens recording the song "Danger Zone" can be seen here on
  • In 2012 Martens released a solo album called "Finding Flowers" under the name Jessy Daumen.[3]



Kenny Loggins (feat

Kenny Loggins (feat. Jessy Lynn Martens) - Danger Zone

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