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"Jeu Monégasque" is the eleventh episode of the second season of Archer.


When Le Chuffre summons Malory and her intrepid ISIS agents to Monaco, all bets are off! Well, actually all bets are on, because Monaco is basically one giant casino and Archer is in charge of safeguarding $4 million in untraceable bearer bonds. Also, it's the weekend of the Monaco Grand Prix, so you can just forget about getting a hotel room.

Archer checks the bearer bonds in for safe keeping at the casino of the hotel they are staying at. As a result, the hotel comps Archer a master suite, hookers and many amenities. Sterling doesn't plan on gambling any of the money, but is forced to by the concierge Benoit. He loses most of the $4 million, which is actually all of the money from the ISIS employee's 401(k) accounts.

It is up to Archer, Lana and Ray to complete the mission to retrieve the data disk from Le Chuffre and get the money back from Benoit. To do so they will have to head out to the streets of Monaco in a daring chase involving confiscated Formula 1 cars, guns, rocket launchers and a helicopter.


  • When Benoit tells Malory Archer the hotel is fully booked because of the Grand Prix, she replies "I don't care if it's a Wehrmacht reunion party!" During WWII, Monaco initially adopted a neutral stance, with strong ties to the collaborationist government of Vichy France. It was later occupied by the Axis, first by the Italians, then the Germans. Much like her statements regarding Ireland, this is an example of Malory holding a grudge from WWII.
  • The winners of the first qualifying heat of the Grand Prix are listed at the conclusion of the heat as 1) Bell, 2) Bivens +3.420, 3) Devoe +3.691. Those are the last names of the three members of the R&B group Bell Biv DeVoe, a group that branched off from New Edition. The Jackie Stewart-style announcer also mentions their names in his call of the heat.
  • The second time the Jackie Stewart-style announcer calls the race, the drivers' names are Moonsie, Bennett, and Kotero, all the last names of members of Vanity 6, a girl group formed by the musician Prince in the early 80s, though not all three were in the group at the same time.
  • "Jeu Monégasque" is French for "Monaco Game."
  • One of the Formula 1 racing cars (stolen by Lana) has the same paint scheme and number as Herbie the Love Bug.
  • Malory believes that Sterling never had a problem with gambling, this is despite the fact that he is seen blowing ISIS operational funds at a roulette table in "Mole Hunt."
  • The name Le Chuffre is very similar to Le Chiffre, one of the primary villains in the Ian Fleming's, Casino Royale.
  • The cut scene to Halloween shows Sterling dressed as Charlie Chaplin (though he thinks he was dressed as Adolf Hitler), while Malory is dressed as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.
  • When Ray covers for Archer about his blackjack losses, he tells Malory, "your Son, is drunk." She replies "who are you, Carrie Nation?", a reference to the member of the early 1900's prohibition movement in America.
  • When Cheryl/Carol asks Pam is $2.3 Million (Malory's 401k) a lot of money, Pam replies, "not a lot to you, Glenda Gotrocks." "Got rocks" is a slang term for someone who has a lot of money to flaunt.
  • Sterling can't stop laughing at the name Benoit, because it makes him think of Ben Wa Balls, which are a sexual toy.
  • While Sterling is in the hot tub, we see that he still has the Seamus and Dicky tattoos that he got in "Stage Two."
  • When Ray hits LeChuffre with Malory's purse, he asks, "What does she have in here, buckles?" This is a callback to "Mole Hunt" when Archer asks the same question when his mother hits him with it.
  • When the scene cuts to show where Malory has borrowed funds, we see all of the ISIS employees' 401k savings. By far the lowest amount is Cyril's, at 9,059, whereas Archer and Lana have over 400,000.
  • The 401k plans seem to show the Dr. Krieger's first name is actually Doctor.
  • Lana uses Archers MacGuffin from "Tragical History" trick on LeChuffre
  • The Formula 1 car Archer ends up with is in the colour scheme of a mid 1960's Lotus, presumably in homage to the Lotus team.
  • The sections of the circuit shown most are the Nouvelle chicane (aka the harbor chicane) and the straight right after it that goes to the Tabac corner.

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