First appearance Un Chien Tangerine
Eyes Brown
Hair Fawn
Personal Life

Kazak is introduced as a field agent, in season four, episode 10, that Lana and Sterling must extract from Morocco. They are stunned to find out that Kazak is actually a dog, and what they were extracting was a microfilm Kazak was carrying.

Kazak is a friendly and jovial mastiff, though he reacts aggressively to guns. He gets carsick and vomits when he eats too much kofta, which Sterling eggs him on to eat five helpings.

Sterling is able to communicate with Kazak as if he was speaking plain English, much like with Babou, perhaps hinting at Sterling's possible autism.


  • Kazak is an English Mastiff, which is a reference to the English Mastiff, Kazak, in the novel The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut.
  • When written in the Latin alphabet, Kazak's name is a palindrome, meaning that when written backwards, the spelling is the same.