Kenny Bilko
First appearance The Limited
Voiced by Robb Wells
Height 6'2"
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Aliases Freddy Foreshadowing
Languages English (native)
Nationality Canadian
Occupation Free Nova Scotian/Terrorist
Personal Life
"Extraordinary rendition! Extraordinary rendition!"
—"The Limited"

Kenny Bilko is a Canadian bomber who appears in The Limited. He is voiced by Trailer Park Boys star Robb Wells.


-The Kanes (beginning of episode in background)


  • Arguably Bilko bears a striking resemblance to that of the Star Wars KOTOR video game character Carth Onasi, who despite being voice acted by Raphael Sbarge (Who sounds pretty identical to Rob Wells) also resembles similar physical features to that of Kenny Bilko i.e. hair style, facial hair and build.

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