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Kenny Loggins
Archer Kenny Loggins
First appearance "Archer Vice: Baby Shower"
Voiced by Kenny Loggins
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Languages English (Native)
Nationality American
Occupation Singer
Skills Singing
Personal Life
Relationships Ricky (Bodyguard)


Kenny Loggins is a singer and songwriter. He guest stars as himself in Baby Shower. He is very paranoid due to some transaction in Caracas with someone named Borgnar. He has a briefcase with something in it that is suspected to be either "plutonium or a human soul". During the episode Loggins lands in a pool, due to Ricky and Pam's fight, in which afterwards Pam fires a gun and causes the penthouse's pool to explode, and launching Loggins off of the roof, right before Archer saves him. Loggins then plays a duet with Cherlene of his song, Danger Zone at Lana's Baby Shower as a form of apology for nearly killing Archer. 

Previous References to Kenny LogginsEdit

Archer is a big fan of Kenny Loggins, especially his hit song "Danger Zone", and has mentioned him and/or his work several times throughout the series. These include:

Season 1Edit

  • Diversity Hire - "Seriously, Lana. Call Kenny Loggins. 'Cause you're in the danger zone. From Top Gun."
  • Skorpio - "How did you get life insurance, Lana? Don't they know you're in the danger zone?"

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