"Kill Bang Marry" is a game where people take a list of people and say if they would rather Kill them, Bang them, or Marry them. Many of the employees of ISIS played it in the episode "Honeypot". There are variations of the game, and in the ISIS one, the participants would click through pictures of all their coworkers, decide, and when they had decided on everyone, would get to see what everyone chose for everyone.

Results of the ISIS game:Edit

top row: who said it; left most column, who they said it about
Bilbo Lana Cyril Pam Cheryl Danny the intern Dr. Krieger Ray receptionist Jane brett
Cyril Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pam EWW KILL! Kill "I guess" Unknown Unknown Unknown
Lana Unknown Marry Bang! Unknown Unknown
Cheryl Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Danny the intern Unknown Bang

S1 E5

Unknown Unknown Unknown
Dr. Krieger

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