Krav Maga

Lana uses a basic wristlock on Torvald Utne.

Krav Maga is a hand-to-hand combat system developed by Imrich Lichtenfeld in Israel during World War II as a self-defense as well as offense fighting style for the Jewish community. It is known for its brutal and effective uses of strikes, grappling, joint manipulation, and weapons de-arming, and is the official self-defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces. Krav Maga teaches students to avoid confrontation whilst being situationally aware, if conflict is unavoidable, they are to end a fight as quickly as possible, using the most vulnerable areas such as eyes, neck/throat, face, groin, feet, solar plexus, fingers, ribs, etc. ISIS agents are trained in krav maga by an ex-Mossad agent who teaches a class on Thursdays, Tuesdays he teaches a rigorous spin class, "Training Day."


  • Krav Maga is a Hebrew term meaning "contact combat."

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