Krieger's Clones
Krieger Clones
First appearance "Pipeline Fever"
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Languages German (native)
Portuguese (fluent)
English (fluent)
Nationality Brazillian/American/German
Occupation Clones of the head of ISIS applied research department
Personal Life
Family Doctor Krieger (clone)
Relationships Doctor Krieger (clone)

Krieger's Clones are clones of Doctor Krieger created in ISIS applied research laboratories presumably with ISIS funds. The experiment fails due to lack of power when ISIS attempts to 'go green' in "Pipeline Fever". The clones die and Krieger reminds Malory that he warned her that "lives were at risk." Krieger is later seen hauling out the bodies for disposal. Krieger later mentions the Clones to his FBI interrogator in White Elephant, asking if their deaths legally count as murder as they were clones of him.