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Krieger's Virtual Girlfriend
First appearance Tragical History
Voiced by Judy Greer
Eyes Blue
Hair Pink
Languages Japanese, English
Nationality Digital
Personal Life
Relationships Dr. Krieger (boyfriend/fiancé)


Krieger's Virtual Girlfriend is so real that the state of New York was going to allow Doctor Krieger to marry her. There have been two versions of her, the first was "killed," after Lana, in a fit of frustration, smashed the computer/holographic device that stored her. Krieger began recreating her immediately and successfully, as he seems to consider the first incarnation a mother and the second her daughter.

Krieger had their entire wedding planned, but he apparently reconsidered the wedding because of how society would look upon them. Due to this fact, the two have an increasingly strained relationship. She is shown to still be caring to Kreiger and has spoken to other members of ISIS on many occasions.

Krieger's Virtual Girlfriend may be a reference to Rei Toei from William Gibson's novel Idoru and Brenda from Perfect Hair Forever.


  • She is made to look like a stereotypical Japanese anime/manga character, and has a strong resemblance to Galaxy Angel's Milfeulle Sakuraba or possibly Godannar's Anna. She has a short wedding dress which reveals her panties, and she refers to people with the Japanese honorific -san.
  • Her accent is based around the practice of transliterating words so that they can be rendered in Japanese writing. Her most noticeable example of this is pronouncing Krieger's name "Kuriiga".
  • She is apparently completely self-aware.
  • While she often behaves like a stereotypical Japanese anime/manga character, she does occasionally demonstrate a broader range of character.
  • She has a crush on astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.
  • The second incarnation appears to be completely independent from any type of projector as she has been seen twice outside. 
  • She appears to consider herself Japanese despite being a digital simulation, getting annoyed when Kreiger calls the Japanese gangsters in A Debt of Honor Chinese, failing to distinguish the two races. 
  • She is capable of flight.
  • She is "murdered" daily by Krieger, who presumably then rebuilds another version of her.
  • First name is possibly Mitsuko, see Archer super easter egg hunt.


  • In "Tragical History," she is mentioned by Archer and later seen in the ISIS mainframe room, where Lana kills her.
  • In "Double Trouble," she appears in Krieger's lab, and accompanies Krieger, Ray, Lana and Malory on the mission to hunt Archer and Katya Kazanova. When finding out that Krieger broke his promise that they would get married, she protested, but Krieger argued back that they would discuss it in the van.
  • In "The Man From Jupiter," she appears in Krieger's Van when Cyril, who takes a liking to her, accidentally hits her projector. Given her immediate friendliness to him and Cyril's proven inability to keep it in his pants, it's possible something ensued. At the end of the crazy chase, she tries to comfort Krieger, but he rejects her help and tells her not to touch him.
  • In "Space Race: Part II," Krieger is showing off his new van to her, before a later cut shows the van rocking.
  • In "Viscous Coupling," Krieger plans to eat sushi and watch tentacle porn with her.
  • In "White Elephant," she is sitting in Krieger's lab reading pornography as the FBI storm in and arrest Krieger.
  • In "A Debt of Honor," she is seen in Krieger's lab again reading pornography. She gets mad at Krieger after he mistakenly calls the Japanese Yakuza gangsters Chinese.
  • In "Baby Shower," she is seen trying to pack cocaine for Krieger, frustrated in her inability to physically interact with it. 
  • In "The Kanes," she is seen with the ISIS employees in Krieger's van on a planned bowling trip. This is notably her first appearance wearing clothing other than her wedding dress - in this instance, a team bowling outfit. 
  • In "Reignition Sequence," she accompanies the ISIS employees in Krieger's ice cream van, during their attempt to sabotage Archer and Lana's relationship. She later reveals that she has the ability to fly. 

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