Ana Maria Delgado
La madrina
First appearance Smugglers' Blues
Voiced by Blake Perlman
Eyes Brown
Hair Dark Brown
Aliases La Madrina

Spanish (native)

English (fluent)
Nationality Colombian

Undercover Agent and Colonel, National Police of Colombia

Cali Cartel leader
Skills Crop Whip
Personal Life
Relationships Sterling Archer (one night stand)

Colonel Ana Maria Delgado, also known as La Madrina, is an undercover agent for the Colombian National Police who runs the Cali Cartel.


La Madrina is an undercover agent who runs the Cali cartel in Colombia. She found Archer, and then turned him into the authorities after she had sex with him. She first appeared in Smugglers' Blues

She has a lot of different fetishes, as you can tell from the episode Smugglers' Blues. Archer is wearing a gas mask and holding a ping pong paddle, and she has a crop whip, and is a wearing leather corset. 

Before arresting Archer, she reveals her real name and affiliation with the National Police of Colombia.


  • "La Madrina" means "the Godmother" in Spanish and Italian.
  • La Madrina is voiced by Blake Perlman, the real-life daughter of Ron Perlman, who voices Ramon Limon.
    Archer S05 E07 Smugglers Blues La Madrina

    La Madrina with a riding crop

  • She is possibly a reference to Griselda Blanco, who was a real-life drug lord and also known as "La Madrina."

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