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Series Archer                              
Season No. 8
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Episode No. 4
Original Air Date April 26, 2017
Written by Adam Reed
Animation Directed by Marcus Rosentrater
Production Code XAR08004
U.S. Viewership (Millions) 0.476 [1]
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"Archer Dreamland: Ladyfingers" is the forth episode of Season 8, and the eighty-ninth episode overall.


While investigating a kidnapping, Archer reveals too much about Figgis and Krieger reveals too much about his past.[2]


The episode kicks off from the previous episode. After a failed attempt at convincing Charlotte's father that she has kidnappen her, Mother sends Archer to Vandertunt Castle to convince her brother, Cecil, that they really have Charlotte, and that the ransom is one million dollars. Cyril calls Vandertunt Castle, also claiming to have kidnappen Charlotte. Not knowing who is the real Kidnapper, Cecil demands that Archer must give him one of her fingers to prove that he has her.

Meanwhile, Krieger turns Dutch into a cyborg.


Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Citizen Kane (1941): The introduction shot of the Vandertunt Castle atop a private mountain virtually mirrors that of Charles Foster Kane's fictional estate, Xanadu, in the classic Orson Welles noir film.
  • Hearst Castle: The Vandertunt Castle in location is also a reference to the real world estate of the American publishing magnet William Randolph Hearst as it too is located quite a distance outside of L.A. County. Hearst Castle was also the inspiration for Xanadu.
  • Lost (2004-2010): The flashback transitions (visuals and sounds) between Krieger in his current lab and Krieger in his WWII Nazi lab are nearly identical to transitions used on the popular American television drama series when the castaways would flashback to their lives prior to the plane crashing on the island.
  • The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947) : Archer references the titular character of Lucy Muir when he stops to look at the Vandertunt Castle and says "Plus I bet that creepy old joint is as haunted as Mrs. Muir twat."
  • The Big Sleep (1946): The scene where Archer meets with the Vandertunts in the atrium of the Vandertunt Castle is a visual reference to the opening sequence of this classic noir film. In the movie Philip Marlowe meets with General Sternwood, an old man bound to a wheelchair with a shawl draped over his shoulders and blanket covering his legs, in his mansions large atrium.
  • The Maltese Falcon (1941) : The production artists used the office of the private investigators Sam Spade and Miles Archer as a inspiration for the design of the office of the Woodhouse & Archer Detective Agency. [3]

Running GagsEdit

  • Are you hourly?: ...
  • That'll do pig: ...
  • Smells Like Glue: ...
  • Faux Voice Over : Again a scene begins with what appears to be Archer doing a film noir style voice over while traveling in his car only to have the camera pan over to a reveal that he is actually talking to a previously unseen passenger. This time it is a hobo that Archer was supposed to take to the rail station.


  • Reality (Non-Dream):
    • None
  • Dream/Reality Crossover:
    • (Dream) Charlotte Vandertunt is ostensibly kidnapped and being hidden by Mother while Detective Figgis calls and pretends to be the kidnapper in order to collect a ransom. / (Reality) When Pam is mistaken for Cheryl Tunt and kidnapped, Cyril also called and pretended to be the kidnapper in order to collect a ransom in El Secuestro (s2e2).
    • (Dream) Charlotte Vandertunt has a brother named Cecil Vandertunt. / (Reality) Cheryl Tunt has a brother named Cecil Tunt, who was last seen in Sea Tunt: Part II (s4e13).
    • (Dream) After undressing Det. Figgis both Archer and Det. Poovey are shocked and disturbed by the size of his penis. / (Reality) The fact that Cyril Figgis is very well endowed was first established in Training Day (s1e2) when his medical records showed he had filed an insurance claim to have a "penis-ensmallment".
    • (Dream) Dutch Dylan is unwillingly fitted with both mechanical arms and legs. / (Reality) Barry Dylan is unwillingly fitted with mechanical arms, legs and more in Double Trouble (s2e13).
  • Dream (Non-Reality):


  • Title Explained: The title, "Ladyfingers" refers to the practice of cutting off the finger of a kidnap victim in order to prove that the kidnappers actually have the person they claim to have. In this case it refers to the finger of Charlotte Vandertunt which her brother requires and a finger that Det. Figgis cuts off of an unnamed corpse to use instead of Charlotte's.
  • The SS Gruppenführer wears the ribbon of the “blood order” in his right pocket buttonhole, signifying he participated in the 1923 Beer Hall Putsch with Hitler in Munich. He also wears a chevron on his right sleeve, indicating he was an “Old Fighter” (Altekämpfer)- a member of the Nazi Party before 1933.


  • Segue: At the end of Act 1, Krieger holds Dutch down while talking to him, and applies his surgical mask. At the beginning of Act 2, it is removed while he's still holding Dutch down and talking to him.
  • The SS men in Krieger’s flashbacks should be wearing gray uniforms, not the iconic black. Heinrich Himmler decreed all full time members of the Allgemeine SS to change from black to gray uniforms in 1938.


First AppearancesEdit

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Dutch: "No you crazy kraut bastard, I don't want any part of those parts!"
Krieger: "But your employer, Mr. Trexler does."
Dutch: "It's not his body!"
Krieger: "Look, I'm just following orders."
Dutch: "What? That's what the Nazi's said!"
Krieger: "OK ya, tell me about Nazi's."


Coroner: "Excuse me?"
Det. Figgis: "I said, I'm looking for a corpse. White, female, mid 30's, fresh within say, the last twelve hours."
Coroner: "Jesus Christ, every full moon... Beat it you sicko before I call the cops."
Det. Figgis: "I am the cops asshole! I'm work'n a missing persons."
Coroner: "Well maybe lead with that, huh."
Det. Figgis: "Just buzz me in you hump."


Archer: "Really wish we hadn't done that."
Det. Poovey: "I can never un-see him naked."
Archer: "I mean, the size of of that thing."
Det. Poovey: "Hollow that big bastard out, you can use it for an umbrella stand."


Gruppenführer: "Ja, auf jeden Fall war der junge Leibowitz wirklich brillant. Anerkannt von seinen Studenten am Hamburger Polytechnikum, bewundert von seinem Kollegen, aber dann..."[4]
Krieger: "Im Jahre Neunzehnhundertdreiundreißig musste er sein Amt niederlegen. Weil er ein Jude war."[5]
Gruppenführer: "Und dann starb der junge Leibowitz an Tuberkulose, nach unseren Aufzeichnungen."[6]
Krieger: "Nur um dann als Doktor Krieger wiedergeboren zu werden!"[7]

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